Replaced seat heater elements in both front seats. 8-10% Inaccuracy of the Trip comp for Average Fuel Consumption (To Optimistic)Not solved. Replacement of original battery. AC not blowing cold at all - recharged system with leakstop and refrigerant. Needed new starter motor. Replaced Radio - Display would not update I replaced all the light bulb for the hvac control unit in the dash panel. Appointment for repair booked. I think it was weak from all the times it died with the sunroof issue from when it was new. Rear cargo area 12v plug no power. Cruise Control was broken; they replaced the computer module in charge of it and it was finally fixed. Whether it's the belt or the compressor itself, the dealer will get to fix something under warranty. I just had him make the repair, which was done quickly. Homelink was replaced. See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. the key fob/door lock remotes were poorly sealed due to a design flaw. The navigation system turned into night mode (dark, unreadable during day) during the middle of a sunny day. TSB from Honda on this in 2009 but mine didn't start acting up until this fall. Battery cable was found to be loose and couldn't be tightened so assembly was replaced, Key fob was not activating correctly. They stopped working and thus required manual lifting of the locks once driver entered the vehicle. Some other brands has it. Required replacement. Failing to fix the problem of the tailgate switch not working by replacing the switch, the Dealer ordered a control module. Almost gone. Power door lock on drivers door would not work. My wife was stranded once and I had to jump start her car. Requested goodwill consideration, Honda paid 75 percent (my share $40). interior map lights and backseat overhead lights were burning out in less than a month's time. 2009 Honda Pilot Air Conditioning ... 2009 Honda Pilot A/C Compressor 2009 Honda Pilot A/C Condenser Fan Assembly 2009 Honda Pilot A/C Relay Connector 2009 Honda Pilot A/C Switch 2009 Honda Pilot Relay - A/C Clutch Show All. I appreciate his knowledge and attention to detail with my car. Intermittently the car would just be dead. Driver side window motor had to be replaced. Some vehicles can have only the clutch replaced, but some require replacement of both the clutch and compressor. Replaced a valve in the coolant line that actuates the flow of coolant to the heater core, that didn't fix the problem. Auto idle stop not working for months. When the AC turns on, it puts the entire engine under a heavier load. The navigation system turned into night mode (dark, unreadable during day) during the middle of a sunny day. I took the car back and they replaced it. Leaky hose to the Ac compressor, which made the AC leak out and need a recharge. The problem was unreproducible when I brought it in. replaced fan. tail lights, marker lights and dash lights went out. Both Honda & a Repair Shop have indicated we have to have a complete new alarm system. Security system would not engage. Collision avoidance system. no heat/Ac from rear center ventsĀ AC condensor replaced, would not blow cold AC. Adaptive cruise control. A/C was cooling only when thermostat turned all the way down. Calibration is not available in Honda Digital System. Lights in half the dash went out. replaced now working. Air conditioning to rear blows very hot air. How to Replace an Air Conditioning Expansion Valve (Orifice Tube). ***** The weirdest thing happened the other day on my '08 EXL. Original corroded and broke off end of wiring harness cable. $120.00. Dead battery and heavy corrosion on positive terminal. Two system warnings present on first day, 9/9: remote keyless start and idle/stop start. What would cause the 2008 Honda Pilot ac fan making noise? Replaced door mechanism in ducting.. Needed to replace bulbs and some of the wiring harness. All; Parts; Accessories; Accessory Components . What Sensors in the AC Tell the Car If the System Is Working or Not? Replaced (5 minutes). To see how Dealer stated false ready nag. Both interior lights would not operate when door was opened. Paid them 100$ check out and took vehicle home and pulled alt. Alternator started to whine loudly. Nuisance alarm activation, inside lights came on intermittently while driving, driver's door showed as open. replaced the battery. First dealer said it was just missing a fuse. Video: Replacing the AC Compressor, Condenser and Valve Stems followed by Evacuation and Recharge on a Honda Pilot. Hasn't been an issue, pegging this on cold weather. Replaced panel under warrantee - Everything fine since then. Delay transferring phone calls to bluetooth and back to audio on completion of call. Leak in the High Pressure line. The rattling went away in Oct 2015 . Extra days due to software recall. Air bag sensor reprogrammed and now light on when no passenger in front seat. I was expecting a full-price diagnostic, but the Code mentioned the fuel cap needed replacement, so they didn't charge me. Honda finally had them replace millimeter wave radar module. Did nothing. Disconnected rear fan. Replaced regulator. Door lock actuator on driver's side was making a rubbing noise. Probably due to inexperience. It would not go away. Please see our, Toyota Tundra - AC is not working - West Palm Beach, Florida, Jeremy was awesome. After inspecting window regulator I noticed plastic piece broken. Not sure how/why it was unplugged. Mechanic checked for a "draw" from the electrical system, but could not find. During the process the dealer found a slight front wheel misalignment (pulling left) and corrected it free of charge. Sensor for forward collision mitigation malfunctioned in mountains. There are many other potential sources of the noise as well. Door locks do not automatically lock. Could not find any leak. AC from front vents but not the center console vent to the back seat. Rear power transistor assembly overheated. Dealer replaced key fob module at no cost under warranty.