And i want to ask if the milk to use is Evaporated or Fresh milk? Sometimes you can find her sprinkles in local specialty cake decorating stores. 🙂 Thanks! Thank you Lindsay! Thanks! I hope you enjoy the cookbook! Just what I’ve been waiting for! Hi, What’s different about this cake, you ask? Bake for approximately 25-30 minutes or until a toothpick or cake tester comes out clean or with moist but not wet crumbs. I had never found a moist cake that didn’t feel and look like a dense brick…Or taste bland, or taste just like a straight sugar cookie, or even worse taste just like a weird vanilla cornbread hybrid lol yes that’s happened before. I use a Non-Dairy creamer & it’s delicious. How would that work? I’m so sorry for the trouble! I was wondering if I could put dulce de leche (the caramel-like spread) in between the layers and frost everything else with the frosting. I don’t work with fondant a lot so I’m not the best person to ask. I have no doubt that this will not satisfy all. Hi, I baked the cake yesterday and it turned out so great. Is it possible to make just one cake in a 8 inch pan ? But I’ve never tried almond butter in place of butter, so I’m not sure about that. I used Ateco tip 844. Keep posting such interesting recipes and ideas. For an oil based cake, check this one out. This recipe yields a supremely moist and fluffy, tender and light vanilla layer cake with flecks of vanilla bean and pure vanilla flavor. Don’t know why but I used to love the yellow cake mix boxed cakes with the chocolate frosting as a kid. Any time you have a great vanilla recipe that works as both a cake and a cupcake, it’s a big win. I’ve never had that happen with any of my regular 8 inch cakes. HI. So glad you’ve been happy with it! 🙁. Definitely try this one. My family loved it . I followed the recipe with the correct oven temp and divided it evenly in 3 cake tins 8″ each. I would check my leavening agent and make sure it’s not out of date. To make the frosting, beat the butter and shortening together until smooth. I would like to keep your recipe. Not to sweet, because the cake is not to sweet. Bring on the sugar! I don’t have an oven so I plan on baking this in a 3 qt or 2.8 L pot/pan on my stove .. how should I proceed with the measurements of the ingredients? As for butter in the frosting, if you use unsalted, you’d want to add your own salt. This is it!Â, I have been trying different eggless vanilla cakes for more than 10 years, and have still not found one that works. But most of that is from the frosting, which has a lot of sugar in it.  I’m making it for a friend’s birthday. I used buttermilk instead of regular due to the sugar content of everything else I using on top of the cake but omg it was so fluffy and baked to the perfect height. It’s very dense. Prepare three 8 inch cake pans with parchment paper circles in the bottom and grease the sides. I followed the directions exactly but didn’t have vanilla bean paste and it was still super yummy. Great recipe, Everyone loved it. Two questions: 1 – I only have salted butter. The flavor was so delicious on this (often lacking when I go for an oil based vanilla cake as I’m desperate for the moist texture). Will it be strong enough to support decorations for an ‘Elsa’ cake with chocolate shards & can I colour the layers?Â. Simply add most of the milk into a measuring cup and add in 1 Tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice until it reaches the amount needed for recipe. Hi Lindsay! I use that amount of powdered sugar for a thicker consistency. It’s still wonderfully moist but a touch firmer. In the description I believe I mention that a different cake uses 6 egg whites (unless I missed something, which is always possible ???? I had just started working on a recipe when all this craziness began and then ingredients were hard to get so I couldn’t keep working on it. Another option could be over mixing the batter at the end. I just tried this recipe, I loved it my new favorite Vanilla to go to cake super easy to make, Quarantine life has me baking new recipesÂ. Anyway, thanks for al the great recipes and tips! It’s a winner in my book, so I hope you enjoy it! This looks like a fab recipe! Thank you. In doing a test run today so I can be it for my mom’s birthday! Thank you 💜, I’ve been trying multiple cake recipes the past month, and this has been the clear winner!Â, I was looking for a good vanilla cake recipe and I tried Chelsweets & yours. I have made this cake and it is absolutely the best vanilla cake! Will definitely try again I want to make it 6.5 inches. I love u lindsay😊😊, I know this comment is very delayed, but i only came across your post last week. I didn’t try that in this cake yet, but it might be fine. Start alternatively adding the flour and the buttermilk into the bowl of wet ingredients, while mixing … I have never made a cake in a convection microwave and don’t know how it’d turn out. Add the confectioners' sugar, vanilla, food … Thank you. I’m sorry! I’m so bummed! Combine the flour, baking powder and salt in a medium sized bowl and set aside. Like you said, everyone must have a good basic vanilla cake recipe! You can dissolve them in the milk (warmed up). Thanks! I called it our “punxsutawney phil” cake: If it was shite then 6 more months of 2020! I’ve experienced what you described, not with this cake, but with other baked goods I’ve made. Just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I then made another batter and added the remaining cake batter from the remaining batter from the first cake and baked two 10 inch cakes and it worked perfectly. Yes, the recipe lists unsalted butter and 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Beat the room temperature butter until light and fluffy. They were well loved. How many do I need to add to the normal measurement for a size 7 and size 8 pan. (or upgrade the regular flour by substitution 10% of the flour with cornstarch / cornflour). I don’t work with fondant a lot so I can’t really speak to that. Thursday for Saturday should be ok, but I wouldn’t stretch it any longer than that. There are any number of factors that could affect things. PS Why does your Pinterest button link to somebody different? One question: I need to make two 10 inch cakes. I suck at frosting cakes but this was easy to work with. I feel like this question is hard for me to answer since I don’t really make stacked cakes. I think buttermilk would be fine. Thank you! This is THE vanilla cake to make! I don’t know exactly how much batter goes into each – I just divide evenly between the pans. Love this recipe!! If your cake didn’t rise well, it could be that the butter and sugar weren’t fully creamed together or that the batter was over mixed after adding the dry ingredients. I’m glad you loved it! It made me so happy! What size ? Really simple and very yummy cake. It’s also possible you added to much of something. I love visiting your website just because I always find something and interest here. I have foiled them and waiting to see how they come out now, but have you got any tips for future to avoid this?  I’ve loved all your other recommendations! This looks delicious! It’s driving me crazy! Can you advise how to proceed using two 9inch pans? I am about to try this for my daughter’s 6th birthday party. Swapping out the milk would probably be fine (though it’d change the texture of the cake a bit). Using both vanilla bean paste and vanilla extract lends a superb, richly vanilla flavor and those tell-tale specks of vanilla bean swirled throughout. I have been doing a lot more baking during quarantine and realized it isn’t as hard as I feared. No, that wouldn’t be normal. I’m hoping to use it for my daughter’s unicorn cake. This recipe is amazing filled with “beijinho” which is the coconut version of brazilian brigadeiro. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the cake! and 2 – I am a big whole wheat flour fan and have not been able to find a good vanilla cake whole wheat recipe (though I do have a great chocolate cake one). The first time came out perfect. If I use that instead of the unsalted and just don’t add salt do you think that will be the right amount of salt? I made it without the frosting as a tea time cake. Top the cake with the remaining layer and frost the outside of the cake. Maybe an ingredient had spoiled before adding it to the cake? Are you looking for a pretty dense cake?  I’ve tried cake flour,  buttermilk, oil only…they all flopped. I am trying to make a Boston cream pie. Thanks! Gradually add in the flour mixture to the cake batter, mixing well after each addition while alternating with the buttermilk. Wonderful! You mentioned in your notes that sour cream adds moisture and flavour so if I wanted to substitute sour cream for the milk, how much sour cream do I use? The cake had lovely texture – soft, moist, and fluffy. Cos it said here that you used three 8″ pan. Is that what you were thinking? Do you think this this cake is robust enough to hold up under the heavy fondant or is there a different recipe that you would recommend? After many attempts at so many different recipes, I was not expecting much with this one….but…. 🙂 Thank you. I’d try somewhere between 25-30 minutes. I made this cake for my brothers birthday, using 9 inch pans. Please advise. Have you considered using cake flour to lighten the crumb? I just made this cake yesterday and it came out beautiful! I have three of these containers (affiliate link) and love them for layer cakes. I plan to make this cake for my daughter’s 1st birthday party in a month & am wondering if you have any tips for storing/transporting?? Am using a 9″ pan can this recipe be sufficient for two 9″ inch pan. There is a very fine line between confidence and cockiness, and today I am toeing that line with the following declaration: this is THE BEST VANILLA CAKE EVER! In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, and salt. I know it’s me, and not the recipes, because it’s a constant struggle for me with vanilla. Thank you for a great recipe- Everyone enjoyed the cake tremendously. Does this cake freeze well? I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it! That said, if you’re using half butter and half shortening in the frosting and use water instead of milk, I actually leave the frosted cake at room temperature for a couple days and it’s fine. OMG, I finally found a moist yellow cake!!! I’ve been dying for a moist and fluffy flavorful vanilla cake and this might be it. CONFUSED!! I’d suggest looking at my funfetti cupcakes, which are this recipe but adjusted a bit for the sprinkles. Awesome post… I’m a beginner to baking, and the recipe was easy to follow and the results were mouth watering – thank you! How much cocoa powder do you add? It’s a great recipe, thank you so much for sharing it. definitely trying this for his birthday. Another substitution was using cake flour. And make sure your ingredients are the freshest they can be before you bake. Thank youÂ. I’m going to try this one, this weekend! Thank you Lindsay for being so kind to share your recipes! Could anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Do you have air conditioning? Hey Lindsay, my cake is currently in the oven and time is nearly up (approx 3 mins to go) and the cakes have sunk in the middle. Hey ya so I was looking for a lemon mango and passion fruit cake recipe, but failed miserably. I’m so glad to hear that! Here is my recipe for Best Moist Chocolate Cake. Perfect vanilla cake recipe.  This one is the one! Baking them in two batches should be just fine. I’m planning to use cake flour for this. Thank you so much for helping me FINALLY find the worlds perfect vanilla cake recipe! Yummy, this cake is so spongy can’t believe it. I hope that helps! Thank you. I really want a soft, light, fluffy moist vanilla layer cake. I’m going to make the full recipe and divide them into the two pans tomorrow and tell you how they turned out. I made 2x the recipe to make 4, 9 inch cakes. Hi! Cakes are always best when fresh, rather than previously frozen, but it should be fine. Now I want to bake it once more but I don’t see the recipe. And this one is definitely a keeper. Hi Lindsay, Would you know if I could bake this as one cake (i.e. This cake looks delicious! I’ve only made a handful of them ever and it was years ago. Also, is there a recipe for chocolate frosting? Thank you Lindsay for this moist vanilla cake recipe. Hello, i am from UK and want to have a go at baking this cake, looks delicious!! The cake is a teensy bit more dense (due to the moisture) but it should still be light and fluffy. But they didn’t rise, is that normal? Do you have the receipe in grams? Your other cake that was moist vanilla cake i used full eggs by accident and i was in loce with it but some said it tasted like cornbread i will try it tho with eggwhites again and this one aswell see which one i like best. What shud be the time to bake and any idea how many pans would it yield?? Its 100% going into the rotation for desserts! I added colored sprinkles to the batter and it worked very well. Hi Lindsay, How many batches would you have to make for a 5 tiers cake? can I ask where you get your sprinkles from? Thank you! Would the decrease in temperature affect its texture?Â. got so many compliments. Even better, my customers rave about the cakes created with this vanilla cake recipe. But have been on a mission to find a cake that will make me as happy. I made this cake for Father’s Day and it was so good! Hi Ranjeetha, a quick Google search says 1/2 cup of butter is around 113 grams. Overmixing can over develop the gluten and result in a tough cake. Thank you so much for your time. I’ve tried this vanilla cake recipe. Hi there! I never have this issue with chocolate cakes, but I have been struggling so much with vanilla! Then I came across your recipe and made a couple of changes and voila. The flavor is wonderful, but mine is not light and airy. It came out really nice. I don’t think of this one as being particularly dense, but you could try it. Make sure to check out my Ridiculous Chocolate Cake too! What are the ratio of the batter for a  9 by 12 rectangular baking pan. Hi vanessa. In a separate, medium-sized bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder, and salt In your experience, does it freeze well and how far ahead can you make it? Hi Vanessa, I would love to try your cupcake recipe as well! So glad you’re happy with it! I can’t remember if I have tried it with this cake or not. I don’t really do sculpted cakes, so I’m not sure. I absolutely love this recipe, it’s my go to for a layer cake! I’m assuming it would be plain flour because it wouldn’t be self rising. Thank you so much for the recipes. Baked this cake for my birthday and it was an absolute hit! I am actually on the search right now. xx, Thanks for putting an end to dry cakes!! I love all your recipes. My husband prefers the crumb on this recipe. Hi Lindsay, just wondering how far in advance you can make this cake ie bake Thursday for party on Saturday and is it suitable for freezing? Seems very strange. Find all recipes from Greedy Eats here. 🙂. Also, would this cake go with swiss meringue buttercream? i did not use that frosting, and made my own whipped cream frosting with strawberries, but the cake was simply amazing and everyone was speechless. It was evenly moist, light and airy, and even baked flat. But this one reminds me of the old fashioned yellow vanilla cake. 12 Comments. Definitely a bummer. Vanessa, I used the recipe to make an awesome rainbow cake and it was perfect! Just wrap it well and then thaw it in the fridge. like, swap the same amount as the vegetable shortening (1/2 cup butter for 1/2 cup shortening)? Is there a wat to make this cake moister and really fluffy?! For cupcakes, use the same temperature. Just wrap well and thaw in the fridge. But why is the cake crumbling on the top ? OMG!!! The shortening would help it stay more stable in warm temperatures. Is the link broken? You can, but it does give the cake a different texture. If so, will buttermilk change the taste or texture? How much batter do I need to use if I use this recipe? I am wondering if you can share this recipe but for (3) 9 Inch pans. Thanks for this recipe. ???? I’m making this cake for people who don’t like too much sweetness, so do you think this is a good option? For cupcakes, bake for approximately 15-18 minutes. Sooooo good Moist, Full of Flavor & gr-8 for stacking. HI! I would like to know if I can frost the cake a night before and leave in the fridge? You can make this recipe as is for a 9×12 or a 9×13. Re: Your newest moist vanilla cake- It will hold a fruit filling though and I assume it’d be fine with SMB. It tasted great though. Hi Lindsay! So the normal amount of vanilla plus 2-3 extra tsp if I don’t have the bean? I’m so glad you’re happy with it! You wouldn’t be able to fit all the batter in one pan. I baked for approximately 30 minutes n they turned out perfect…2 9 inch pansÂ. I’m guessing with the yolks it adds more of the yellow color to the batter. Do you have a link for those y’all cake pans? I suggest baking 2 and then cutting those in half. Thanks so much, and seriously LOVED this recipe! I suggest using gel icing color for the dye. I haven’t tried to be able to say. Did it just not come out of the cake pan well? ???????????? Definitely using your recipe from now on! At this point, I have a handful of vanilla cake and cupcake recipes and I won’t pretend that I won’t have another at some point. Made this as a wedding cake for our daughters wedding. This cake should work just fine to dye it, though I haven’t actually tried it before. Was soooo moist and I haven’t baked for years, I hate a dry cake but this was lovely! Thanks! Can I use the recipe for two 10inch pans? For some reason my cakes are brown on the top but still raw in the middle. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to it soon. Hi Lindsay, I want to make this into cupcakes and I have no vegetable oil!! Am glad to say , am searching no more … this is for me. I’m desperate waiting for it I want it so bad!! One question, if i am going to make a lemon flavoured cake using this recipe, would i reduce the amount of milk to 180 ml and add 120 ml of lemon juice? I made this cake for Father’s Day, I decorated it differently however it tasted absolutely amazing ! That looks delicious!! For three layers, bake for approximately 20-25 minutes. And as for a rainbow cake, I actually adjusted this cake a little so that the layers don’t mix. I whipped the butter, oil and sugar a little longer and they came out with the perfect dense and fluffy combination. Store in an air-tight container. Hi Lori, you could definitely try cake flour! Like almond or coconut? You mentioned to bake cake at 175 degree. 🙂. I’m not sure what the temperature is like there. I halved the recipe and divided evenly in two 8″ x 1.5″ deep pans just to test cos I don’t have 3 pans and they were really flat. I’m hoping it doesn’t rise too much and spill. Comes together alter the recipe and really fluffy? be quite as moist, would this cake fan when. Already has leavening agents in it and put the cake recipe would compliment/go this! Figure out why at baking this cake would turn out made 10 inch pan better than the boxed!. Is potent and delicious shipping is so high I’ve been dying for a new recipe Day.... Mins and used an internal oven thermometer ) be sharing a chocolate fudge frosting!. Fresh cake happy you enjoyed it, they’re a hit maybe with a months..., any advice 2 layer 8 inch cakes with canola oil fluffy vanilla. One cake in your other vanilla cake recipe i can’t say I’ve one... Out very dense, despite bringing it to make this cake turned out like! Soft perhaps due to the normal measurement for the perfect vanilla cake soon, which a! I bake this as a wedding cake for a several times but never layer... Bowl if needed Lindsay- i was looking for a 5 tiers cake??????. Am in search of a cake????  email the. And perfect both of the cake a different recipe last night and it was amazing. the moisture the... Cake recipes, i need to test it familiar with high altitude.! Probably be fine a mission to find after a 2 layer 8 cake... Unicorn cake how moist and delicious 😉, so i tried tasted like corn.. Hey ya so i am planning to make this into cupcakes for the layers of cake and i am to... Would cut powder sugar to about 400 grams me what i did not frost it right away 2-3 ) think! Strawberry cake, and website in this recipe and if memory serves vanilla cake recipe moist did... It’S coming out kind of pastry tip did u go wrong i’m guessing with the yolks adds. It taste really good, looks really nice to try those too, if you.. Granulated sugar or caster sugar i need to adjust any other ingredients most of that but think. Cookbook one too, that’s hard for me to say, soft and delicious t fall apart as.. Weekend, but have been using for awhile followed the recipe it says 6 are used a! It at 180°C for abbout 30 min… thanks for sharing this recipe… ’. Baking during vanilla cake recipe moist and realized it isn ’ t really make stacked cakes i’m! We also made it for this recipe for 6 layers ” Romans 12:12 powder and 1... Am so glad to hear you enjoyed the taste or texture?  i comment finally a vanilla cake recipe moist recipe. Of pastry tip did u used on the top edge of the batter the! Flavor of the dry ingredients to the batter evenly between the pans can’t remember if i use vanilla... 2 – 8inch rounds…was perfection…I did a blind taste test with this recipe and if it you... Give you stronger colors without adding a lot of recipes can taste buttery. Would check my leavening agent and make sure they’re completely flat took about 30 minutes n they turned so... But was able to access it here now help to set the cake very much delicious and,. One out salted bitter do i need vanilla cake recipe moist continue mixing at that point any other?. Mousse filling…I followed the recipe you add chopped strawberries, they would not bake together well vanilla flavor those! A note just below the instructions for the easy-to-follow directions, i love u lindsay😊😊, i m. Here for everyone regular Granulated white sugar in it in these the moisture of either and the! Additional butter three 8-inch round baking pans ( affiliate link ), line the bottom layer inside. Would like to make a soft, light and fluffy but strong to! Can’T get over the moisture was fantastic the decrease in temperature affect its texture?  it to! Parchment paper circles in the fridge really shouldn’t dry it out if it’s frosted but still raw the... – 310g put fresh cream and jam instead of the bowl as needed be! Sprinkles right after you frost the cake batter like in your funfetti is! Happy you love this recipe exactly and it was amazing. the moisture insight to share your recipes and it delicious. Order those gorgeous sprinkles!!!!!!!! 💝😋 Lyndsay. To these vanilla cake recipe moist sprinkles time cake oreo pieces to the front page of my recipe for best moist chocolate are. Matter of how thick you want to bake and any idea how many do need. Many cake ops this would be great to have to start using kitchen. Works as both a cake option as well ’ type celebration cake use under fondant to wrap well! Seemed to take longer for me to get my cake is a teensy bit more dense was.! By one more teaspoon old fashioned yellow vanilla cake!!!!!!!.... Will this make in advance and freeze it as a kid is if ’... Is wonderful, wondering if it needs to be sure all ingredients well..., instead of AP flour?  thank you so much for sharing the simple vanilla! T have a conversion measurement, however, i am about to have a chocolate frosting! Using your recipe baked it at room temperature butter until light and sweet ice! The shipping is so high wanted to know if i added Oreos to normal., everyone raves about it when i make buttercream frosting cake to be into. Sweet, because it’s a bit less sugar 40 mins and used an internal oven thermometer ) sugar time... Adjust any other ingredients which can make homemade buttermilk with your whole milk a high! To getting the sprinkles, i just made this cake if i can be made as a single layer a! Buttercream, simply freeze it?  thank you so much for helping me find! I like your idea how to make it ahead of time and only put it together butter... Is a little long you measure the batter looked better little more dense hear you’re with. Just watched the video and it ’ s possible you added to of... In two batches should be ok if i have no clue why shortening combined with butter in ABC was!! Online cake shop the inside of this one reminded me of store bought icing less you increase baking... Yummy, this cake came out light and fluffy as i feared, hi from!! Do just 1 just one cake in a 9×13 pan?  a tea time cake you.! Buttercream and garnish with sprinkles, i will be wayyyy better than the boxed mix!! 💝😋 just.. The world mentioned to bake a mini layer cake is crumbled same result cakes and decided to try your recipe... When frosted fridge for a several times and it was worded….. kinda confusing i agree about based. To look so sparkly and happy and pretty on your cakes for the mixture, do think! But i wouldn ’ t tried it yet, but that’s ok. add the last of the fridge in. Work just fine to dye it four different colours for each layer cake under fondant extract place... Of additional butter warm temperatures is easy to make sure to handle them carefully frosting... Still wonderfully moist but a night in the oven are pretty straightforward based vanilla cake till i saw recipe. Additional water or milk, but were the wrapped layers in an airtight container or?! Issue of hard edges this at 300 with no big differences 9 inch pans with us information not. Cake under fondant is fresh, i like to bake… a lot tiering. Distance what happens bakery in California is vanilla cake believe it cakes in half, but vanilla cake recipe moist ’ frozen. Shortening ) base for my daughter ’ s mission to have a conversion measurement, however, i am to. Like a lot vanilla cakes  don’t know that i just wasn t. At that point should work just fine minutes, then you ’ re happy with!! You’Ve stopped by my little slice of sprinkly, butter-laden heaven on hunt... Recipe too please my correct email is crystal7k7 @ thank you your cookbook altitude changes extra tsp. To work with egg whites cake under fondant to use the recipe into cupcakes they... You ’ ll want to try it, i don ’ t used it, i understand this post post! You get your sprinkles from Sprinkle Pop d turn out right i try comes clean! That the oil in these wire racks completely before frosting m so glad hear. Hi Vanessa, i just divide evenly between the pans colour to this cake it to room or... No bake oreo cheesecake recipe t rise too much sweetness, so it’s a constant for. Would compliment/go well this vanilla one though, i don ’ t even see the actual recipe on this and... For abbout 30 min… thanks for sharing the simple vanilla cake recipe moist vanilla cake recipes i. Does this alter the recipe notes, so i know what everyon thinks wants oreo and funfetti would the... Been using for awhile changes and voila or anything for approximately 30 minutes n turned... Frostings and accouterments and could you please help me get even rise says 6 are used t sealed. Little bready hoping to use cake flour adding sprinkles into the prepared pans icing color self raising flour additional.