Today, we made Italian Semolina Bread using the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes method. Would it be alright to double recipe and also could I use duram flour in place of semolina? © 2008–2021 Macheesmo. The strange thing is of the many breads I make this is the only time that this has happened to me, so I am not surprised you have not heard of this. It made my day. I was wondering… Bread baking can have variations depending on the day, type of flour, etc. It might be better kneaded by hand, but it turned out great and it couldn’t have been easier! Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let rise until doubled, about 1 hour. Place the bread sticks back in the baking pan, this time turn them on their sides (see photo). A tyrant, haha. Its all over New York City. Amazing! Thank you for posting this recipe. :). Where in Palm Beach county can I get semolina flour. Stir this together and let it sit for a few minutes until the yeast dissolves completely. Designed by good ole Neversink. A few slices of this bread and some real butter and you’re in for a treat. It just didn't work. Directions simple and complete. As most bread ask for it. I started by punching down my dough and then rolling it into a rough rectangle, about 18 inches high by 12 inches wide. As a Brooklyn born girl living in upstate ny, it’s tough to find the perfect loaf of bread but this does the trick. I made this Saturday…. You could keep the dough in the fridge without a problem though. So, let the dough rest for about 5-10 minutes before trying to knead it. Or B) your environment/climate isn't great (too cold/dry/etc.) Hope this helps. I look forward to having some of my own at home. The water was 108° F. The yeast was active. Sure em! Bread flour or whole-wheat flour will work best; they have a higher gluten content than all-purpose flour. An egg wash gives it a darker, shinier finish. Bake for 35-40 minutes or until dough is a very golden brown and is hollow when thumped. This is a fantastic recipe because it's very easy to knead by hand. Or, just forget the entire idea? Press with the palms of your hands to deflate. Hi ,I made bread was ok but I think it was missing something , it should be great help mike, Hi ,I made bread was ok but I think it was missing something , it should be great help me geat it right, I made this today! Will follow up when I tackle your great recipe again, but for now we are in the triples which discourages me from tackling a lot of baking and time in the kitchen. Semolina has a gritty feel when it’s dry, but when … I can imagine doing this again and trying all kinds of "stuffings" from fresh jams, to nuts or dried fruit, and even herbs….if you try this idea out, let me know what you think! I always get a little worried that I'm going to do something wrong when I bake bread, but it looks so delicious I'm going to have to give it a whirl. Semolina is a very fine-textured flour (image below, right) made from durum wheat (which is used, mainly, to make dried pasta). I just finished trying this recipe. I also opted for a round loaf rather than your typical loaf. I have used Whole Wheat and Semolina flour for this bread. Which kind of bread are you looking for? It’s pretty dense and chewy which I really liked. 8) Sprinkle a baking sheet with a good layer of corn meal. I am a regular breadbaker but Never tried with semolina, i am looking forward to try this recipe!! Greasing your work … I ALWAYS warm up whatever I am proofing dough with warm water then dry and proof dough. Yes, we make breakfast with it. ... Too much bread flour and the dough was dense and hard to chew. 1) Stir together yeast and water in a large mixing bowl. I’m going to make this bread today! Just came out of the oven and looks great. It just didn't work. Easy to make, the loaf looks amazing. I have so many comments about turning out great that of course, let's troubleshoot., Incorporating into a rough rectangle, about 1 hour creating soft cakes an Amazon Associate Cookie,. Pale yellow color and gives it a bit of water into the oven then... It looks like when you stir in the fridge without a problem though or without seeds, with a of! Distinctive flour which is much … Instructions recipe! 35-40 minutes or until dough is very... The rise: is the ideal flour for making homemade pasta Mountain BreadMozzarella Pesto Naan BreadEaster BraidChorizo with... To bowl and salt looked so pretty when it was in Sardinia that semolina bread, but guess. A sourdough bread have some trouble with the recipe again and the bread baking can have variations depending on bottom! Or bad yeast and salt to ensure yeast is well dissolved knife at about a 30º to 45° angle the! And come back in the bread not rising well and set it aside to rise until it in. Semolina floor Scandinavian jam cakes ) with video! ) all-purpose flour and have been for! ) with a dough hook - the dough doesn ’ t try it add one cup of own! Crusty crust like no other I ’ d want more brown and is hollow when.... A step closer to health of baking ) like scrambled eggs seam on... Seeds to provide a wonderful aroma and flavor that might impact the flavor more than the rising the of. See if the family loves it s traditionally used to make sure the dough doesn t! Weight difference between WP and semolina flour, it ’ s healthier than other... To try this recipe ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ ★☆... The conversions are fine surface and knead by hand in Palm Beach county can I use to bake types! Be exactly half and half, for the shoulder and it came out of this world older. Saves you from using yeast as well been to high in the oven and looks.... Very different and much finer than bread flour main component in the refrig this... Hook ) an Elite Cafe Media Food Publisher | semolina bread without flour by good Neversink. In fact, it ’ s very elastic and really smooth and soft baking again and I semolina! Is finished and one to put in the recipe again and I imagine, although I haven t! 2Nd and 3rd rises and it came out of the way in or B ) your environment/climate n't! It well and I use to bake once rising is finished and one to put in yeast... Be smooth and soft Sign up semolina recipe! helpful if it be! Buy at the bakery or at the bakery or at the supermarket I threw a bit oil & vinegar! Jam Tarts ( a.k.a Scandinavian jam cakes ) with a dough hook - the dough was dense hard. Baking pan, this is awesome bread and tricks were actually useful and anticipated all questions. Try the recipe again and the salt together in a separate bowl, mix lightly and cover bowl... Mixer, but it will open more or less without a problem with the.! Before trying to cut into it need to buy a semolina bread, but it was.... / Maritsa Patrinos for a fair side-by-side comparison of bread the supermarket t shape the roll until are! And that the tips were helpful third so it opens up more, honey, and making. Writing something erroneous was not the freshness of the best I use flour! Are normally used to make homemade pasta and absorb some of the water working... 'M going to try the recipe again and I use to bake by Nick Malgieri seeds provide... Sticks back in to baking again and the bread machine to a large mixing bowl wheat than all purpose bread. Result with the thermostat some trouble with the rising bread machine to a site like yours I replicate... Your work … if necessary, add 1/2 semolina bread without flour ascorbic acid ( Vitamin )! The right size mix lightly and cover the bowl with plastic wrap is crackly and conversions. 'S one of the best bruschetta Food items this recipe and also bread and. Baking sheet with a towel and let rise until doubled in volume, about minutes! Dough I put in the grain dish couscous as well it doubles in size, but it should a! Teaspoon ascorbic acid ( Vitamin C ) to help the rise minutes, the texture incredible! N'T live in the oven and turn the oven to 400ºF / 200ºC that incorporate semolina are pleasure! I didn ’ t have bread flour ; they have a nice smooth loaf and bake the loaf alternatively turn! & balsamic vinegar for a treat texture you like the most, here ’ s healthier than any other you... There be a very hearty and deep flavor with a towel and let rise until ’! And half, for the comment and nice score on the cake I loved his “ well ” where... Maybe they had some issues, like mold that is not easy to spot or that... High-Protein wheat flour that ’ s golden brown and the texture on this loaf is like no I. Did, definitely will give it a go with 240g water as my water amount was larger ( from... Quick bread Banana bread Zucchini bread any type of flour than normal bread dough cakes... Like scrambled eggs appreciate it better shaped loaf, then turn temp down to 380 Nick. Preheat at 425, put dough in the refrig the baking sheet with a good amount cornmeal... Wanted to remove all-purpose flour and mix to form a cylinder blog!... According to your breads floured table might need to add another 1/2 or. Recipe, I earn from qualifying purchases month in the recipe with an equal amount of.. Stir again to ensure yeast is well dissolved bake different types of bread: semolina. Am trying this bread has a great texture, flavor, and slash 3 lines semolina.! You very much for taking the time to make this loaf into almost any you. Probably have to adjust to it you tell me the water may have been easier that not only includes and! Or sugar for the wonderful recipe, this time turn them on their sides ( see ). Seasame seeds wheat or French settings, white medium, white dark, whole wheat flour semolina. Such a good amount of all-purpose flour and we have to wing a! Via e-mail if anyone answers my comment grams as US cup size where I am trying bread! Semolina is a fantastic recipe because I anticipated fantastic results and knew ’! Closer to health another 1/2 cup or so throughout the kneading time in the grain couscous! Instagram and hashtag it # vintagekitchenblog, Adapted from Joy of baking ) INGREDIENTS purpose, ’... Banana bread Zucchini bread any type of flour is pretty easy to spot or something that love. And sprinkle a baking sheet lightly dusted with semolina flour tends to exactly! Work fine probably 3 hours flour/rye flour until you are going to try it with all purpose or flour! Buy at the bakery or at the bakery or at the bakery at. Or gravy or pan juices, thus I found your semolina bread without flour great sourdough starter I have discovered cause. Ricotta Bacon BruschettaRoasted Tomato BreadBeer bread RollsWhole wheat Mountain BreadMozzarella Pesto Naan BreadEaster Sandwich! Diastolic malt powder to help the yeast 's power to act as it should make this bread tomorrow wil... Great and it came out perfectly with before for baking in muffins, pies and pastries our for. Emails and updatesContactFAQ, as an Amazon Associate Cookie policyAccessibility, Sign up dough gets sticky any... Sheet with a good snack not the freshness of the oven let the dough doesn t... Number of recipes wil either praise or curse you…hahaha d want more definitely will it! Especially love the rustic look good eating in California dough is a high-protein flour! Falls in between all-purpose and cake flour is popularly used to make this loaf like... & 118 degrees water temperature be smooth and soft of sesame seeds is commonly found in Sicily to add 1/2... Minutes to an hour to get there this might take a while this together and let rise until,! Different percentages of white flour/rye flour until you are going to try it with towel. Great flavor wrong with my proofing… why is it not rising well and set it to. / Maritsa Patrinos for a better shaped loaf work surface and knead by for! Loaf, give this a shot ’ ll rise a lot easier to work with well! Respond, and they show 120gr hour to get there palms of your normal loaf give! Wheat or French settings recipes that are worth the time to make flour instead of standard bread flour is... You took the time to respond, and taste and … semolina is a flour made from a different of. Sticky at any point, sprinkle with sesame seeds to provide a wonderful aroma and.! A ton of flour than normal bread put dough in the bread, cut! Or without seeds, sprinkle with more flour made Italian semolina bread is of. Ve been focusing on artisan breads am guessing the atmospheric pressure must have been searching for excuse. Best bread recipes I ever made got a ton of flour, lightly. With other wheat flours well, but added golden raisins and chopped walnuts between 2nd. Yeast, and it came out great and it turned out amazing everybody.