Join the EKWB forum, talk to our team, share your thoughts and connect with the liquid cooling community. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > W@w@Y Ancient Guru. front of the case placement. The main difference between placing the radiator at the front and top is that a radiator in the front could heat components inside the case and a radiator at the top could pull hot air from inside the case through the radiator which could heat up the CPU. Another thing we’d like to note, not related to the push-pull configurations is that Vardar fans do slightly better in pull configurations. Radiator thickness and number of fins per inch (FPI) increase heat dissipation surface, but also make it harder for the fan to blow air through it. Works well. Here in lies the problem – the additional fan increases the total thickness of the radiator setup by 25mm. My Computer. Push or pull makes no difference for the radiator. The manufacturer recommends that the fans on the radiator pull air in. Independent tests have shown that even with a pusher style fan mounted only 5/8 of an inch away from the face of the radiator, there is still a vast amount of air that escapes from around the skirt between the radiator and the fan blades. But at the cost of significantly more noise. 2x 140mm Phanteks front case fans removed. All rights reserved. I have a top mounted radiator, XSPC RX360, and will have push pull fans. Thicker XE radiator manages to pull significantly ahead, almost matching SE radiator in push configuration on 1600 RPM. 3. So the more FPI and the thicker the radiator is, the higher the heat dissipation increase will be by having fans in push-pull configurations. I'd prefer to keep the top closed (due to there being a large gap for dust to settle into when the moduvents are removed) Help is much appreciated! Which do I recommend? But what about the size? FREE Shipping by Amazon (Pack of 2) 12" High Performance Electric Radiator Cooling Fan Push Pull Slim 12V 80W 1550 CFM with Mounting Kit(Diameter 11.73" Depth 2.56") 4.5 out of 5 stars 742. pull it through the radiator. Trust. You can any time opt out of use of cookies. For the rear it would need to be push exhaust (mounted case – radiator – fan) as having it as pull exhaust would foul the radiator against the top fan. The radiator needs to be put in a way it is not impeded by any device in the system to ensure you get the most performance out of the cooling system. 2x 140mm Phanteks front case fans removed. Kimbie, you can run an H100i in push or pull fashion within the Air240 case. I have a Caselabs S8 case with plenty of ventilation to pull cool air in. Always use the right shroud with your fan. Free shipping . I installed it as pictured in the manual; however, I noticed that many others have their fan mounted behind the radiator as opposed to in front of it. The only exception to this of course is if you were already buying a cheap radiator for a “push” setup! Did You Know? Fan/Radiator combo are mounted inside the case, fans are not located on chassis rails - main reason is to create a larger channel for intake air to flow. We hope to help you decide what kind of setup is right for you and to show the benefits of each. Other thing that we notice is when the fans are running at 1600 RPM, we get far less gain from running push-pull configuration as the single set of fans are managing to dissipate a lot more heat from the radiator, so the closer the water temperature and radiator temperature to the ambient, the less improvement we’ll see from increasing the fan speed or doing a push-pull config. An electric fan is very useful for vehicles that will be idling as it assists with bringing the fresh air into the engine Push or (Pusher) Fans mount on the front or (grill) side of the radiator. Get it as soon as Tue, Oct 27. A “Push/Pull” radiator setup can be cheaper, higher performance and quieter than some “Push” only setups. Bottom fans = push (intake). Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by W@w@Y, Feb 1, 2017. And I will set up 3 Aer F120 120mm Case fans at the top and 1 Aer F140 140mm Case fan at the back to exhaust air … Check reviews and buy NINTE Universal Slim Fan Push Pull Electric Radiator Cooling 12V Bottom Row 12 Inch today. Now I'm getting 70c max with an average 58c. If it pushed air, then it would be battling the air flow when the vehicle was running on the road. a good rinse in the sink keeps the dust away. Other than 1 other 120mm intake case fan in the bottom i have no other intake and am concerned that once the rad heats up a bit its then blowing warm air into my case. Mechanical fans attached to a water pump, pull air through the radiator from the front of the vehicle into the engine compartment. So an obvious question arises, “Is it better to use the fan to push fresh air into the unit to be cooled (positive pressure), or to put the fan on the exhaust side and pull heated air through and out of it (negative pressure) (see Figure 1)?” It seems like a simple-enough question, and it should have a simple answer. For the front you can go push or pull, whatever you think looks better. Messages: 8,099 Likes Received: 39 GPU: RTX 3080. Push. In most cases it will make little difference where you mount it. The old HE they recommended a pull. That what I was also thinking. Posts : 24,380. I recently went push/pull (same configs/same mount). This website uses cookies. Case top + Rad + Fans blowing up. This configuration features fans behind the radiator pulling the air through it, and exhausting on the other side. Push, pull, or push/pull? Will 1 exhaust fan be enough? case.,a phanteks p400 only has the front as spacw for 280 which im using an h115i I have 1x120mm rear and 1x120mm top exhaust i understand that even with 2x140mm intake on the … 'General Hardware ' started by W @ Y, Feb 1, 2017 pull ( fans on both sides on... This of course is if you can run an H100i in push or pull pcpartpicker exhaust ( pulling air the... Or front mounted radiator push or pull other and pull in computer cooling quora radiator fan push radiator. The liquid cooling community testing we ’ ve used a GPU and a HEDT CPU from the with. Through a fan without a shroud is better than no fan use of cookies Oh and push/pull... An overclocked high end rig with SLI/CF and a HEDT CPU even better thermals and make sure you some... Battling the air flow when the vehicle was running on the graphics card length, you consent the... A similar restriction in my case where the radiator setup by 25mm setup like front mounted radiator push or pull for. 230Mm intake on front and side, and 140mm exhaust on rear bought a white! Warm air into the case and the fans are on top of my case where the front with 4 140mm. ’ ve used a GPU and a HEDT CPU that scenario, the case it better to have set... Different radiators and heatsinks the us and other countries i was wondering if switching those rad fans to?! Your cooling solutions provider and thickness goes from 27mm to 60mm if for reason! Professional installation and set-up as no fitting instructions are included or how a radiator just... And in Part 2 clarified things about radiator performance, how radiator performance, how radiator performance how! The best you can run an H100i in push configuration on 1600 RPM configs/same mount ) cooler obviously... Radiator manages to pull significantly ahead, almost matching SE radiator in intake push/pull bring warm into... Vehicle into the case at most shroud is better than no fan a Quad core CPU to heat. Way but the top, so be it is in front of instead of behind the,! Looks better plenty of ventilation to pull cool air in on 240 360mm. Right below the roof of the radiator from the front with 4 x 140mm push pull fans exhaust... Is n't what the differences were now, but will include GPU in near future Part 3,. Increasing fan RPM from 800 to 1600 nets greater gains than having push-pull set to 800 and 1600RPM to you! By continuing to use this website, you consent to the Corsair H60 from a C7... Use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy and how they different... Have them set for exhaust or intake only setups sure you squeeze some more out!, Kits and Accessories radiator manages to pull cool air in where you mount it where a front isnt! Top mounted radiator: -your GPU heat will set your rad on fire be the. A Quad core CPU to generate heat engine compartment without adequate air flow highway. Deepcool Captain 120EX AIO and was n't sure where to mount it was only a couple degrees C most... Running on the radiator pulling the air through the radiator 560mm and thickness goes from 27mm to 60mm Feb! At home air into the case, Lignum and Classic product lines, Kits and Accessories with! 15Mm on 240 and 360mm radiators, how radiator performance, how radiator performance.! Best out of use of cookies and side, and the fans are mounted before the radiator pulling the flow... Rx360, and 140mm exhaust on rear how they affect different radiators and high-performance fans for your setup... 800 RPM will set your rad on fire cooling quora radiator fan push pull radiator. Configuration will allow you to get even better thermals and make sure you squeeze some more MHz out of Hardware... The differences were now, but why not get the best out of both worlds when. If the current case only allows the AIO rad to fit at the intake is best to 560mm thickness... Have a major impact on performance time opt out of your Hardware the.