The other animals work but the outfit change doesn't let me use their new legendary colors. I know they are outfit variants but which ones are the legendary animals? If you haven't been logged out yet please make sure your acc... Another month, another prize draw in the We The Players competition exclusive to Nexus Mods users! CS_MP_BOUNTYHUNTER Cannot load Harriet Davenport, when spawned she's invisible. Arthur Morgan’s Journal and Guide. Red Dead Redemption 2 mod manager. However, the best thing is to take a look yourself – scroll through our RDR2 Mods and find the needed file, which will give you a great boost! CS_MP_MARSHALL_DAVIES Before we start the interview: what’s the weather like where you’re at right now? :), Don't use these ped names in your mods because they will crash your game while loading into singleplayer. Copyright © 2021 Robin Scott. A_C_Horse_NorfolkRoadster_SpottedTricolor RE_TOWNCONFRONTATION_FEMALE is RE_TOWNCONFRONTATION_FEMALES_01 RE_LARAMIEGANGRUSTLING_MALE is RE_LARAMIEGANGRUSTLING_MALES_01 CS_MP_OLDMAN_JONES I don't seem to be in the list, I can't find... Found it, but he is without personal belongings and not hunchback_((. The team have recently released their first "Development Diary" which gives us a taste of what's to come. The Gator is AC_Alligator_02 (I believe) and the Bison has its own model name. MP_U_M_M_BUYER_REGULAR_01        (01 - 09)     (new 17 ped), Why do the animals in the legend of variation all use the same name “MP_A_C_Alligator_01”,So how can we use this address to get the other two legendary animals?. The Joker, specifically. A_C_Horse_NorfolkRoadster_PiebaldRoan That's a shame. 2. This is a save right at the beginning of Chapter 2, absolutely nothing has been done other than getting the request for a rabbit from Pearson for his Hunting Jacket.I've also added a few quality of life changes. Added on 07 November 2019 7:19PM. For those that have been wanting to play as an animal in Red Dead Redemption 2, now is the chance.The mod allows players the ability to become any animal that inhabits the world. CS_MP_JEREMIAH_SHAW BigBizkit: To start this off, let me ask you, wiggolp, about your mod adding a completely new quest to the game - Ciri’s Sole Memento. The Vortex team have been eagerly working through over 2,500 of your feedback reports to bring you the most polished modding experience yet. RCSP_RIDETHELIGHTNING_FEMAL is RCSP_RIDETHELIGHTNING_FEMALES_01 Red Dead Redemption 2 has only just been officially revealed for the PC at the end of last week, and already a major mod has been announced as in the works – at least theoretically. I think for the model changer, you also need the Outfit Changer to change skins. I'm specifically looking for Teddy Brown (the big armored dude). - Remove previous versions of the mod, if you have any installed. CS_MP_THE_BOY If you're secretly dreaming of a Red Dead Redemption 2 x Batman crossover, the Arthur Morgan as The Joker Mod is your best bet for living out that fantasy, at least at the moment. Adds a holster to your saddle, so that the rifle and bow aren't magically floating by your saddle. It's not a mod. As we get closer to the US election in November we expect this trend to increase as it did this time 4 years ago. Save Game. Red Dead Redemption 2 players have previously managed to mod the PS4 version to strip the main character (or by glitching a fiery bathtub), but … The A_C_Elk_01 and A_C_Moose_01, are only female models, Is there a certain code for it?   They're just invisible when I use them. All I did was reinstall the mod. RE_DARKALLEYSTABBING_MALES_ is RE_DARKALLEYSTABBING_MALES_01 Fans have long wondered if the game would feature a female protagonist, as female NPC Sadie Adler has featured in several of the game’s trailers. RCSP_RIDETHELIGHTNING_MALES is RCSP_RIDETHELIGHTNING_MALES_01 Eastward Bound. For Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Female vs Male Arabians" - Page 5. Red Dead Character Creations r/ reddeadcreations. Paste as plain text instead, × However, the best thing is to take a look yourself – scroll through our RDR2 Mods and find the needed file, which will give you a great boost! With almost two thousand entries, it has been the most successful community event to date! CS_MP_WENT. It's a little late to say the least, but we're excited to announce that the first public version of our police mod for Red Dead Redemption 2, RDR First Response (RDRFR), is now available for download. Log in to view your list of favourite games. Join. All Hairstyles and Beards in Red Dead Redemption 2. 0. MP_A_M_M_SALOONPATRONS_01, MP_A_M_M_MOONSHINEMAKERS_01 iRetrospect: Gladly, I am an educator in real life and most people who know me would never think I would be someone who is interested in gaming, let alone game modding. US East (magikarp) • modrdr • RID a49574ee9f2a6935215aa46d5d34ae71 • Red Dead Redemption 2; Is there nudity in this game? One of the first, if not the first, mods for Red Dead Redemption 2 is a mod that allows you to play as animals -- even an eagle that allows you to fly. Uploaded: 07 Apr 2020. Do you guys know what is the ped name for Rachel, the seal brown thoroughbred? Download Now . After 8+ months of work and learning how to port/write new euphoria tasks I finally release my Red Dead Redemption Euphoria mod. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Our community over at "We The Players" is slowly growing and that is in no small part down to those of you here at Nexus Mods. To celebrate reaching 1,000 games on Nexus Mods, we’re giving away awesome prizes in our 1,000 Games Milestone Quiz. A_C_Horse_NorfolkRoadster_RoseGrey Red Dead Redemption 2 serves as a prequel to the original game released for the PS3 and Xbox 360. I'm looking for Legendary Bounties and Anderson Boys. Includes contributions by @MoKiwi @NetSSH & @Sniper296. Basically it will give players access to all kinds of in-game cheats like infinite health, infinite ammo, infinite dead eye, and the ability to set their bounty. But I only got the save editor and LST to somehow load Sadie Adler once. RCSP_RIDETHELIGHTNING_MALES is RCSP_RIDETHELIGHTNING_MALES_01 We update mods every day, that's why we are the largest Red Dead Redemption 2 Graphics Modhub community. There's a good chance if you're reading this you might be wondering why you were logged out of the website recently. Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with your account. The story of red dead is beautiful so lets blow up. Posted August 22, 2020 Actually this is incorrect. Red Dead Redemption 2 Clothes Database by There isn't much to tell really. In the Simple Trainer I think it's Player > Model or Player > Change Model. That seemed to have fixed it! MP_G_F_M_ARMYOFFEAR_01, Heyy! 0. CS_MP_HORLEY This mod toggles walking by default. The rest of the outfits are clothed saloon girls from that mission, with and without Lenny's face. RDR2 - SADIE 2.0 MOD! are there other versions of the gang members other than the winter ones? Zolika1351's Red Dead Redemption 2 Trainer. Red Dead Redemption 2: Red Dead Online Beta and Gameplay Details You can post now and register later. Red Dead Online Female Preset Sliders; Red Dead Online Female Preset Sliders. Dutch to Micah. The first mods for Red Dead Redemption 2 are finally appearing online. Models and Textures. Red Dead Redemption 2 Mods | RDR2 Mods. I come from a very creative family, which I'm sure helps me when coming up with new mod ideas. Posted December 17, 2019 MP_G_M_M_UNICRIMINALS_03 (03 - 09) (yeni 500 ped) (edited), What are the controls to turn into the animals? But right now it's in a more stable version than my Naturalmotion Euphoria mod. I mean Buell horse from quest. CS_MP_CAMP_COOK MP_U_M_M_BUYER_IMPROVED_01     (01 - 08) Intro completed save file. Red Dead Redemption 2 – Best settings for RX 580., Anyone know Arthur's so I. CS_MP_LANGSTON It's A_C_Horse_Buell_WarVets, Great list, it was very helpful! Last Update: 24 Nov … Download 1 … 28 Dec, 2020. BigBizkit: Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I am the developer of Blade & Sorcery, a physics-based medieval fantasy VR combat game which was released in Early Access end... Today we are talking to DeserterX a long time member of our Nexus Mods community and author of many incredibly detailed armour mods for Fallout 4 and Skyrim. Posts & Comments must be civil. Fans have long wondered if the game would feature a female protagonist, as female NPC Sadie Adler has featured in several of the game’s trailers. boogerwooger_2 2 years ago #1. Does anyone know the id of the marble fox? It spawns the horse with a main & tail but the body is invisible.. Can anyone help? Posted December 30, 2020 This mod is incredible, works great spare a couple glitches like when I accidentally select empty space in the editor and the game crashes. i would like to know this too, a wild guess but try for example: It would be great If we could stable gang horses without disappearing or reversing to Kentucky or Morgan. MP_U_M_M_BUYER_DEFAULT_01 (edited). Same with the new multiplayer animals, for example,   MP_A_C_Panther_01 I can only play as the black panther model but when I spawn it under spawn peds i can spawn the other colors and the leopard. Posted January 2, 2020 The developer revealed the info during a new interview about the game’s online multiplayer mode, called Red Dead Online. Thanks. MP_PREDATOR CS_MP_JORGE_MONTEZ RE_DARKALLEYSTABBING_MALES_ is RE_DARKALLEYSTABBING_MALES_01 RE_FRIENDLYOUTDOORSMAN_MALE is RE_FRIENDLYOUTDOORSMAN_MALES_01 Sites like Nexusmods give you simple instructions when you click on a specific mod… This wrong can be righted with the Longer Days mod. Uploaded by gnarkillguch.   Pasted as rich text. Scripts. If you can’t live without RDR2 game, you should definitely try our Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Mods. Anyone know the ped model for Bertram from the stranger side mission the smell of grease paint? That way Lenny's Simple Trainer overwrites the other older files from the other (older) mods. How can I play as a male elk with antlers as well as male moose? CS_MP_MABEL The new version of the trainer can spawn PEDs with specific outfits. I've tried reainstalling LST and it's the only mod I'm using at all, but I still get only mane, tail and eyeballs of norfolk XD, hi I have discovered that the legendary wolf is an aspect of the wolf change the aspect with the trainer and It is done, A_C_Horse_NorfolkRoadster_DappledBuckskin In this Mod Author feature, we're catching up with TelShadow who may well hold the record for most mods created for Morrowind. (edited), MP_S_M_M_REVENUEAGENTS_01 (yeni 49 ped) Not the one with Lenny's face Thanks, Great list, it was very helpful! RE_TORTURINGCAPTIVE_MALES_0 is RE_TORTURINGCAPTIVE_MALES_01 CS_MP_LEE BigBizkit: Thanks, DeserterX, for joining us today: as always, we like to start the interview off by you telling us a bit about yourself. October was a big month for us here ... Today we are talking to Mangaclub, a long-time member of our modding community and author of some of your favourite weather mods such as Vivid Weathers for Skyrim, Skyrim Special Edition, and Fallout 4. Longer Days. 29 Dec, 2020. Download Red Dead Redemption 2 Mod Manager; Create a subfolder in your RDR2 Mod directory (Press OPEN MOD FOLDER to get to this directory).   Your previous content has been restored. Red Dead Redemption 2 Trainer-For those who have grown bored of Red Dead Redemption 2, but don't want to spend a lot of time finding different mods, this trainer mod is for them. Hey everyone, thanks again for another successful month of top-notch reviews, collections and screenshots. please? Pretty much all of the subspecies are outfit variants, except in the case of the woodpeckers (and I don't know why that is). Whats Gene "Beau" Finley , Carmela Montez and Sacrigelious Cult model names? Sometimes the day flies by, and all you want is a bit more time in the sun. 2. RCSP_POISONEDWELL_FEMALES_0 is RCSP_POISONEDWELL_FEMALES_01 Anyone find it? A_F_M_ARMCHOLERACORPSE_01, A_F_M_ARMTOWNFOLK_01, A_F_M_ArmTownfolk_02, A_F_M_AsbTownfolk_01, A_F_M_BiVFancyTravellers_01, A_F_M_BlWTownfolk_01, A_F_M_BlWTownfolk_02, A_F_M_BlWUpperClass_01, A_F_M_BtcHillbilly_01, A_F_M_BTCObeseWomen_01, A_F_M_BynFancyTravellers_01, A_F_M_FAMILYTRAVELERS_COOL_01, A_F_M_FAMILYTRAVELERS_WARM_01, A_F_M_GaMHighSociety_01, A_F_M_GriFancyTravellers_01, A_F_M_GuaTownfolk_01, A_F_M_HtlFancyTravellers_01, A_F_M_LagTownfolk_01, A_F_M_LowerSDTownfolk_01, A_F_M_LowerSDTownfolk_02, A_F_M_LowerSDTownfolk_03, A_F_M_LOWERTRAINPASSENGERS_01, A_F_M_MiddleSDTownfolk_01, A_F_M_MiddleSDTownfolk_02, A_F_M_MiddleSDTownfolk_03, A_F_M_MIDDLETRAINPASSENGERS_01, A_F_M_NbxSlums_01, A_F_M_NbxUpperClass_01, A_F_M_NbxWhore_01, A_F_M_RhdProstitute_01, A_F_M_RhdTownfolk_01, A_F_M_RhdTownfolk_02, A_F_M_RhdUpperClass_01, A_F_M_RkrFancyTravellers_01, A_F_M_ROUGHTRAVELLERS_01, A_F_M_SclFancyTravellers_01, A_F_M_SDChinatown_01, A_F_M_SDFancyWhore_01, A_F_M_SDObeseWomen_01, A_F_M_SDSERVERSFORMAL_01, A_F_M_SDSlums_02, A_F_M_SKPPRISONONLINE_01, A_F_M_StrTownfolk_01, A_F_M_TumTownfolk_01, A_F_M_TumTownfolk_02, A_F_M_UniCorpse_01, A_F_M_UPPERTRAINPASSENGERS_01, A_F_M_ValProstitute_01, A_F_M_ValTownfolk_01, A_F_M_VhtProstitute_01, A_F_M_VhtTownfolk_01, A_F_M_WapTownfolk_01, A_F_O_BlWUpperClass_01, A_F_O_BtcHillbilly_01, A_F_O_GuaTownfolk_01, A_F_O_LagTownfolk_01, A_F_O_SDChinatown_01, A_F_O_SDUpperClass_01, A_F_O_WAPTOWNFOLK_01, A_M_M_ARMCHOLERACORPSE_01, A_M_M_ARMDEPUTYRESIDENT_01, A_M_M_ARMTOWNFOLK_01, A_M_M_armTOWNFOLK_02, A_M_M_ASBBOATCREW_01, A_M_M_ASBDEPUTYRESIDENT_01, A_M_M_AsbMiner_01, A_M_M_ASBMINER_02, A_M_M_ASBMINER_03, A_M_M_asbminer_04, A_M_M_AsbTownfolk_01, A_M_M_ASBTOWNFOLK_01_LABORER, A_M_M_BiVFancyDRIVERS_01, A_M_M_BiVFancyTravellers_01, A_M_M_BiVRoughTravellers_01, A_M_M_BiVWorker_01, A_M_M_BlWForeman_01, A_M_M_BlWLaborer_01, A_M_M_BlWLaborer_02, A_M_M_BLWObeseMen_01, A_M_M_BlWTownfolk_01, A_M_M_BlWUpperClass_01, A_M_M_BtcHillbilly_01, A_M_M_BTCObeseMen_01, A_M_M_BynFancyDRIVERS_01, A_M_M_BynFancyTravellers_01, A_M_M_BynRoughTravellers_01, A_M_M_BynSurvivalist_01, A_M_M_CARDGAMEPLAYERS_01, A_M_M_CHELONIAN_01, A_M_M_DELIVERYTRAVELERS_COOL_01, A_M_M_deliverytravelers_warm_01, A_M_M_DOMINOESPLAYERS_01, A_M_M_EmRFarmHand_01, A_M_M_FAMILYTRAVELERS_COOL_01, A_M_M_FAMILYTRAVELERS_WARM_01, A_M_M_FARMTRAVELERS_COOL_01, A_M_M_FARMTRAVELERS_WARM_01, A_M_M_FiveFingerFilletPlayers_01, A_M_M_FOREMAN, A_M_M_GaMHighSociety_01, A_M_M_GRIFANCYDRIVERS_01, A_M_M_GriFancyTravellers_01, A_M_M_GriRoughTravellers_01, A_M_M_GriSurvivalist_01, A_M_M_GuaTownfolk_01, A_M_M_HtlFancyDRIVERS_01, A_M_M_HtlFancyTravellers_01, A_M_M_HtlRoughTravellers_01, A_M_M_HtlSurvivalist_01, A_M_M_huntertravelers_cool_01, A_M_M_HUNTERTRAVELERS_WARM_01, A_M_M_JamesonGuard_01, A_M_M_LagTownfolk_01, A_M_M_LowerSDTownfolk_01, A_M_M_LowerSDTownfolk_02, A_M_M_LOWERTRAINPASSENGERS_01, A_M_M_MiddleSDTownfolk_01, A_M_M_MiddleSDTownfolk_02, A_M_M_MiddleSDTownfolk_03, A_M_M_MIDDLETRAINPASSENGERS_01, A_M_M_MOONSHINERS_01, A_M_M_NbxDockWorkers_01, A_M_M_NbxLaborers_01, A_M_M_NbxSlums_01, A_M_M_NbxUpperClass_01, A_M_M_NEAROUGHTRAVELLERS_01, A_M_M_RANCHER_01, A_M_M_RANCHERTRAVELERS_COOL_01, A_M_M_RANCHERTRAVELERS_WARM_01, A_M_M_RHDDEPUTYRESIDENT_01, A_M_M_RhdForeman_01, A_M_M_RHDObeseMen_01, A_M_M_RhdTownfolk_01, A_M_M_RHDTOWNFOLK_01_LABORER, A_M_M_RhdTownfolk_02, A_M_M_RhdUpperClass_01, A_M_M_RkrFancyDRIVERS_01, A_M_M_RkrFancyTravellers_01, A_M_M_RkrRoughTravellers_01, A_M_M_RkrSurvivalist_01, A_M_M_SclFancyDRIVERS_01, A_M_M_SclFancyTravellers_01, A_M_M_SclRoughTravellers_01, A_M_M_SDChinatown_01, A_M_M_SDDockForeman_01, A_M_M_SDDockWorkers_02, A_M_M_SDFANCYTRAVELLERS_01, A_M_M_SDLaborers_02, A_M_M_SDObesemen_01, A_M_M_SDROUGHTRAVELLERS_01, A_M_M_SDSERVERSFORMAL_01, A_M_M_SDSlums_02, A_M_M_SkpPrisoner_01, A_M_M_SkpPrisonLine_01, A_M_M_SmHThug_01, A_M_M_STRDEPUTYRESIDENT_01, A_M_M_STRFANCYTOURIST_01, A_M_M_StrLaborer_01, A_M_M_StrTownfolk_01, A_M_M_TumTownfolk_01, A_M_M_TumTownfolk_02, A_M_M_UniBoatCrew_01, A_M_M_UniCoachGuards_01, A_M_M_UniCorpse_01, A_M_M_UniGunslinger_01, A_M_M_UPPERTRAINPASSENGERS_01, A_M_M_VALCRIMINALS_01, A_M_M_VALDEPUTYRESIDENT_01, A_M_M_ValFarmer_01, A_M_M_ValLaborer_01, A_M_M_ValTownfolk_01, A_M_M_ValTownfolk_02, A_M_M_VHTBOATCREW_01, A_M_M_VhtThug_01, A_M_M_VhtTownfolk_01, A_M_M_WapWarriors_01, A_M_O_BlWUpperClass_01, A_M_O_BtcHillbilly_01, A_M_O_GuaTownfolk_01, A_M_O_LagTownfolk_01, A_M_O_SDChinatown_01, A_M_O_SDUpperClass_01, A_M_O_WAPTOWNFOLK_01, A_M_Y_AsbMiner_01, A_M_Y_AsbMiner_02, A_M_Y_ASBMINER_03, A_M_Y_ASBMINER_04, A_M_Y_NbxStreetKids_01, A_M_Y_NbxStreetKids_Slums_01, A_M_Y_SDStreetKids_Slums_02, A_M_Y_UniCorpse_01, CS_abe, CS_AberdeenPigFarmer, CS_AberdeenSister, CS_abigailroberts, CS_Acrobat, CS_adamgray, CS_AgnesDowd, CS_albertcakeesquire, CS_albertmason, CS_AndersHelgerson, CS_ANGEL, CS_angryhusband, CS_angusgeddes, CS_ansel_atherton, CS_ANTONYFOREMEN, CS_archerfordham, CS_archibaldjameson, CS_ArchieDown, CS_ARTAPPRAISER, CS_ASBDEPUTY_01, CS_ASHTON, CS_balloonoperator, CS_bandbassist, CS_banddrummer, CS_bandpianist, CS_bandsinger, CS_baptiste, CS_bartholomewbraithwaite, CS_BATHINGLADIES_01, CS_BeatenUpCaptain, CS_beaugray, CS_billwilliamson, CS_BivCoachDriver, CS_BLWPHOTOGRAPHER, CS_BLWWITNESS, CS_braithwaitebutler, CS_braithwaitemaid, CS_braithwaiteservant, CS_brendacrawley, CS_bronte, CS_BrontesButler, CS_brotherdorkins, CS_brynntildon, CS_Bubba, CS_CABARETMC, CS_CAJUN, CS_cancan_01, CS_cancan_02, CS_cancan_03, CS_cancan_04, CS_CanCanMan_01, CS_captainmonroe, CS_Cassidy, CS_catherinebraithwaite, CS_cattlerustler, CS_CAVEHERMIT, CS_chainprisoner_01, CS_chainprisoner_02, CS_charlessmith, CS_ChelonianMaster, CS_CIGCARDGUY, CS_clay, CS_CLEET, CS_clive, CS_colfavours, CS_ColmODriscoll, CS_COOPER, CS_CornwallTrainConductor, CS_crackpotinventor, CS_crackpotRobot, CS_creepyoldlady, CS_creolecaptain, CS_creoledoctor, CS_creoleguy, CS_dalemaroney, CS_DaveyCallender, CS_davidgeddes, CS_DESMOND, CS_DIDSBURY, CS_DinoBonesLady, CS_DisguisedDuster_01, CS_DisguisedDuster_02, CS_DisguisedDuster_03, CS_DOROETHEAWICKLOW, CS_DrHiggins, CS_DrMalcolmMacIntosh, CS_duncangeddes, CS_DusterInformant_01, CS_dutch, CS_EagleFlies, CS_edgarross, CS_EDITH_JOHN, CS_EdithDown, CS_edmundlowry, CS_EscapeArtist, CS_EscapeArtistAssistant, CS_evelynmiller, CS_EXCONFEDINFORMANT, CS_exconfedsleader_01, CS_EXOTICCOLLECTOR, CS_famousgunslinger_01, CS_famousgunslinger_02, CS_famousgunslinger_03, CS_famousgunslinger_04, CS_FamousGunslinger_05, CS_FamousGunslinger_06, CS_FEATHERSTONCHAMBERS, CS_FeatsOfStrength, CS_FIGHTREF, CS_Fire_Breather, CS_FISHCOLLECTOR, CS_forgivenhusband_01, CS_forgivenwife_01, CS_FORMYARTBIGWOMAN, CS_FRANCIS_SINCLAIR, CS_frenchartist, CS_FRENCHMAN_01, CS_fussar, CS_garethbraithwaite, CS_GAVIN, CS_genstoryfemale, CS_genstorymale, CS_geraldbraithwaite, CS_GermanDaughter, CS_GermanFather, CS_GermanMother, CS_GermanSon, CS_GILBERTKNIGHTLY, CS_GLORIA, CS_GrizzledJon, CS_GuidoMartelli, CS_HAMISH, CS_hectorfellowes, CS_henrilemiux, CS_HERBALIST, CS_hercule, CS_HestonJameson, CS_hobartcrawley, CS_hoseamatthews, CS_IANGRAY, CS_jackmarston, CS_jackmarston_teen, CS_JAMIE, CS_JANSON, CS_javierescuella, CS_Jeb, CS_jimcalloway, CS_jockgray, CS_JOE, CS_JoeButler, CS_johnmarston, CS_JOHNTHEBAPTISINGMADMAN, CS_JohnWeathers, CS_josiahtrelawny, CS_Jules, CS_karen, CS_KarensJohn_01, CS_kieran, CS_LARAMIE, CS_leighgray, CS_LemiuxAssistant, CS_lenny, CS_leon, CS_leostrauss, CS_LeviSimon, CS_leviticuscornwall, CS_LillianPowell, CS_lillymillet, CS_LondonderrySon, CS_LUCANAPOLI, CS_Magnifico, CS_MAMAWATSON, CS_MARSHALL_THURWELL, CS_marybeth, CS_marylinton, CS_MEDITATINGMONK, CS_Meredith, CS_MeredithsMother, CS_MicahBell, CS_MicahsNemesis, CS_Mickey, CS_miltonandrews, CS_missMarjorie, CS_MIXEDRACEKID, CS_MOIRA, CS_mollyoshea, CS_MP_NT_HIXON, CS_MP_ALFREDO_MONTEZ, CS_MP_AMOS_LANSING, cs_mp_bonnie, CS_MP_BOUNTYHUNTER, CS_MP_CLIFF, CS_MP_CRIPPS, CS_MP_DANNYLEE, CS_MP_GRACE_LANCING, CS_MP_GUS_MACMILLAN, CS_MP_HANS, CS_MP_HARRIET_DAVENPORT, CS_MP_HORLEY, CS_MP_JEREMIAH_SHAW, CS_MP_JESSICA, CS_MP_JORGE_MONTEZ, CS_MP_LANGSTON, CS_MP_LEE, CS_MP_LEM, CS_MP_LEM, CS_MP_MABEL, CS_MP_MAGGIE, CS_MP_MARSHALL_DAVIES, CS_MP_MOONSHINER, CS_MP_MRADLER, CS_MP_OLDMAN_JONES, CS_MP_REVENGE_MARSHALL, CS_MP_SAMSON_FINCH, CS_MP_SETH, CS_MP_SHAKY, CS_MP_SHERIFFFREEMAN, CS_MP_TEDDYBROWN, CS_MP_TERRANCE, CS_MP_THE_BOY, CS_MP_TRAVELLINGSALESWOMAN, CS_MP_WENT, CS_mradler, CS_MRDEVON, CS_MRLINTON, CS_mrpearson, CS_Mrs_Calhoun, CS_MRS_SINCLAIR, CS_mrsadler, CS_MrsFellows, CS_mrsgeddes, CS_MrsLondonderry, CS_MrsWeathers, CS_MRWAYNE, CS_mud2bigguy, CS_MysteriousStranger, CS_NbxDrunk, CS_NbxExecuted, CS_NbxPoliceChiefFormal, CS_nbxreceptionist_01, CS_NIAL_WHELAN, CS_NicholasTimmins, CS_NILS, CS_NorrisForsythe, CS_obediahhinton, CS_oddfellowspinhead, CS_ODProstitute, CS_OPERASINGER, CS_PAYTAH, CS_penelopebraithwaite, CS_PinkertonGoon, CS_PoisonWellShaman, CS_POORJOE, CS_PRIEST_WEDDING, CS_PrincessIsabeau, CS_professorbell, CS_rainsfall, CS_RAMON_CORTEZ, CS_ReverendFortheringham, CS_revswanson, CS_rhodeputy_01, CS_RhoDeputy_02, CS_RhodesAssistant, CS_rhodeskidnapvictim, CS_rhodessaloonbouncer, CS_ringmaster, CS_ROCKYSEVEN_WIDOW, CS_samaritan, CS_SCOTTGRAY, CS_SD_STREETKID_01, CS_SD_STREETKID_01A, CS_SD_STREETKID_01B, CS_SD_STREETKID_02, CS_SDDoctor_01, CS_SDPRIEST, CS_SDSALOONDRUNK_01, CS_SDStreetKidThief, CS_SDStreetKidThief, CS_sean, CS_SHERIFFFREEMAN, CS_SheriffOwens, CS_sistercalderon, CS_slavecatcher, CS_SOOTHSAYER, CS_strawberryoutlaw_01, CS_strawberryoutlaw_02, CS_strdeputy_01, CS_strdeputy_02, CS_strsheriff_01, CS_SUNWORSHIPPER, CS_susangrimshaw, CS_SwampFreak, CS_SWAMPWEIRDOSONNY, CS_SwordDancer, CS_tavishgray, CS_TAXIDERMIST, CS_theodorelevin, CS_thomasdown, CS_TigerHandler, CS_tilly, CS_TimothyDonahue, CS_TINYHERMIT, CS_tomdickens, CS_TownCrier, CS_TREASUREHUNTER, CS_twinbrother_01, CS_twinbrother_02, CS_twingroupie_01, CS_twingroupie_02, CS_uncle, CS_UNIDUSTERJAIL_01, CS_valauctionboss_01, CS_VALDEPUTY_01, CS_ValPrayingMan, CS_ValProstitute_01, CS_ValProstitute_02, CS_VALSHERIFF, CS_Vampire, CS_VHT_BATHGIRL, CS_WapitiBoy, CS_warvet, CS_WATSON_01, CS_WATSON_02, CS_WATSON_03, CS_WELSHFIGHTER, CS_WintonHolmes, CS_Wrobel, G_F_M_UNIDUSTER_01, G_M_M_BountyHunters_01, G_M_M_UniAfricanAmericanGang_01, G_M_M_UniBanditos_01, G_M_M_UniBraithwaites_01, G_M_M_UniBronteGoons_01, G_M_M_UniCornwallGoons_01, G_M_M_UniCriminals_01, G_M_M_UniCriminals_02, G_M_M_UniDuster_01, G_M_M_UniDuster_02, G_M_M_UniDuster_03, G_M_M_UniDuster_04, G_M_M_UNIDUSTER_05, G_M_M_UniGrays_01, G_M_M_UniGrays_02, G_M_M_UniInbred_01, G_M_M_UNILANGSTONBOYS_01, G_M_M_UNIMICAHGOONS_01, G_M_M_UniMountainMen_01, G_M_M_UniRanchers_01, G_M_M_UNISWAMP_01, G_M_O_UniExConfeds_01, G_M_Y_UniExConfeds_01, G_M_Y_UNIEXCONFEDS_02, Immortality, MBH_RHODESRANCHER_FEMALES_01, MBH_RHODESRANCHER_TEENS_01, MBH_SKINNERSEARCH_MALES_01, MCCLELLAN_SADDLE_01, MES_ABIGAIL2_MALES_01, MES_FINALE2_FEMALES_01, MES_FINALE2_MALES_01, MES_FINALE3_MALES_01, MES_MARSTON1_MALES_01, MES_MARSTON2_MALES_01, MES_MARSTON5_2_MALES_01, MES_MARSTON6_FEMALES_01, MES_MARSTON6_MALES_01, MES_MARSTON6_TEENS_01, MES_SADIE4_MALES_01, MES_SADIE5_MALES_01, MOTHERHUBBARD_SADDLE_01, MP_A_F_M_CARDGAMEPLAYERS_01, MP_A_F_M_SALOONBAND_FEMALES_01, MP_A_M_M_MOONSHINEMAKERS_01, MP_ASN_BENEDICTPOINT_FEMALES_01, MP_ASN_BENEDICTPOINT_MALES_01, MP_ASN_BLACKWATER_MALES_01, MP_ASN_BRAITHWAITEMANOR_MALES_01, MP_ASN_BRAITHWAITEMANOR_MALES_02, MP_ASN_BRAITHWAITEMANOR_MALES_03, MP_ASN_CIVILWARFORT_MALES_01, MP_ASN_GAPTOOTHBREACH_MALES_01, MP_ASN_PikesBasin_Males_01, MP_ASN_SDPOLICESTATION_MALES_01, MP_ASN_SDWEDDING_FEMALES_01, MP_ASN_SHADYBELLE_FEMALES_01, MP_ASN_STILLWATER_MALES_01, MP_ASNTRK_TALLTREES_MALES_01, MP_CAMPDEF_BLUEWATER_MALES_01, MP_CAMPDEF_CHOLLASPRINGS_MALES_01, MP_CAMPDEF_EASTNEWHANOVER_S_01, mp_female, MP_G_F_M_ARMYOFFEAR_01, MP_G_M_M_ARMYOFFEAR_01, MP_G_M_M_ArmyOfFear_01, MP_G_M_M_UNICRIMINALS_03, MP_G_M_M_UNICRIMINALS_04, MP_G_M_M_UNICRIMINALS_05, MP_G_M_M_UNICRIMINALS_06, MP_G_M_M_UNICRIMINALS_07, MP_G_M_M_UNICRIMINALS_08, MP_G_M_M_UNICRIMINALS_09, mp_male, MP_PREDATOR, MP_S_M_M_REVENUENTS_01, MP_U_M_M_ANIMALPOACHER_01, MP_U_M_M_ANIMALPOACHER_02, MP_U_M_M_ANIMALPOACHER_06, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_01, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_02, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_03, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_04, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_05, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_06, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_07, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_08, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_09, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_10, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_11, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_12, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_13, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_14, MSP_BOUNTYHUNTER1_FEMALES_01, MSP_BRAITHWAITES1_MALES_01, MSP_FEUD1_MALES_01, MSP_FUSSAR2_MALES_01, MSP_GANG2_MALES_01, MSP_GANG3_MALES_01, MSP_GRAYS1_MALES_01, MSP_GRAYS2_MALES_01, MSP_GUARMA2_MALES_01, MSP_INDUSTRY1_FEMALES_01, MSP_INDUSTRY1_MALES_01, MSP_INDUSTRY3_FEMALES_01, MSP_INDUSTRY3_MALES_01, MSP_MARY1_FEMALES_01, MSP_MARY1_MALES_01, MSP_MARY3_MALES_01, MSP_MOB0_MALES_01, MSP_MOB1_FEMALES_01, MSP_MOB1_MALES_01, MSP_MOB1_TEENS_01, msp_mob3_FEMALES_01, msp_mob3_MALES_01, MSP_MUDTOWN3_MALES_01, MSP_Mudtown3B_Females_01, MSP_Mudtown3B_Males_01, MSP_MUDTOWN5_MALES_01, MSP_NATIVE1_MALES_01, MSP_REVEREND1_MALES_01, MSP_SAINTDENIS1_FEMALES_01, MSP_SAINTDENIS1_MALES_01, MSP_SALOON1_FEMALES_01, MSP_SALOON1_MALES_01, MSP_SMUGGLER2_MALES_01, MSP_TRAINROBBERY2_MALES_01, MSP_TRELAWNY1_MALES_01, MSP_UTOPIA1_MALES_01, MSP_WINTER4_MALES_01, P_C_Horse_01, P_U_M_M_ANIMALPOACHER_03, Player_Three, Player_Zero, Ps4, RCES_ABIGAIL3_FEMALES_01, RCES_ABIGAIL3_MALES_01, RCES_BEECHERS1_MALES_01, RCES_EVELYNMILLER_MALES_01, RCSP_BEAUANDPENELOPE_MALES_01, RCSP_BEAUANDPENELOPE1_FEMALES_01, RCSP_CALDERON_MALES_01, RCSP_CALDERONSTAGE2_MALES_01, RCSP_CALDERONSTAGE2_TEENS_01, RCSP_CALLOWAY_MALES_01, RCSP_COACHROBBERY_MALES_01, RCSP_CRACKPOT_FEMALES_01, RCSP_CRACKPOT_MALES_01, RCSP_CREOLE_MALES_01, RCSP_DUTCH1_MALES_01, RCSP_DUTCH3_MALES_01, RCSP_EDITHDOWNES2_MALES_01, RCSP_FORMYART_FEMALES_01, RCSP_FORMYART_MALES_01, RCSP_GUNSLINGERDUEL4_MALES_01, RCSP_HEREKITTYKITTY_MALES_0, RCSP_HUNTING1_MALES_01, RCSP_MRMAYOR_MALES_01, RCSP_NATIVE_AMERICANFATHERS_S_01, RCSP_NATIVE1S2_MALES_01, RCSP_ODDFELLOWS_MALES_01, RCSP_ODRISCOLLS2_FEMALES_01, RCSP_POISONEDWELL_FEMALES_01, RCSP_POISONEDWELL_MALES_01, RCSP_POISONEDWELL_TEENS_01, RCSP_RIDETHELIGHTNING_FEMALES_01, RCSP_RIDETHELIGHTNING_MALES_01, RCSP_SADIE1_MALES_01, RCSP_SLAVECATCHER_MALES_01, RE_ANIMALATTACK_FEMALES_01, RE_ANIMALATTACK_MALES_01, RE_ANIMALMAULING_MALES_01, RE_APPROACH_MALES_01, RE_BEARTRAP_MALES_01, RE_BOATATTACK_MALES_01, RE_BURNINGBODIES_MALES_01, RE_CHECKPOINT_MALES_01, RE_COACHROBBERY_FEMALES_01, RE_COACHROBBERY_MALES_01, RE_CONSEQUENCE_MALES_01, RE_CORPSECART_FEMALES_01, RE_CORPSECART_MALES_01, RE_CRASHEDWAGON_MALES_01, RE_DARKALLEYAMBUSH_MALES_01, RE_DARKALLEYBUM_MALES_01, RE_DARKALLEYSTABBING_MALES_01, RE_DEADBODIES_MALES_01, RE_DEADJOHN_FEMALES_01, RE_DEADJOHN_MALES_01, RE_DISABLEDBEGGAR_MALES_01, RE_DOMESTICDISPUTE_FEMALES_01, RE_DOMESTICDISPUTE_MALES_01, RE_DROWNMURDER_FEMALES_01, RE_DROWNMURDER_MALES_01, RE_DRUNKCAMP_MALES_01, RE_DRUNKDUELER_MALES_01, RE_DUELBOASTER_MALES_01, RE_DUELWINNER_FEMALES_01, RE_DUELWINNER_MALES_01, RE_ESCORT_FEMALES_01, RE_EXECUTIONS_MALES_01, RE_FLEEINGFAMILY_FEMALES_01, RE_FLEEINGFAMILY_MALES_01, RE_FOOTROBBERY_MALES_01, RE_FRIENDLYOUTDOORSMAN_MALES_01, RE_FROZENTODEATH_FEMALES_01, RE_FROZENTODEATH_MALES_01, RE_FUNDRAISER_FEMALES_01, RE_FUSSARCHASE_MALES_01, RE_GOLDPANNER_MALES_01, RE_HORSERACE_FEMALES_01, RE_HORSERACE_MALES_01, RE_HOSTAGERESCUE_FEMALES_01, RE_HOSTAGERESCUE_MALES_01, RE_INBREDKIDNAP_FEMALES_01, RE_INBREDKIDNAP_MALES_01, RE_INJUREDRIDER_MALES_01, RE_KIDNAPPEDVICTIM_FEMALES_01, RE_LARAMIEGANGRUSTLING_MALES_01, RE_LONEPRISONER_MALES_01, RE_LOSTDOG_DOGS_01, RE_LOSTDOG_TEENS_01, RE_LOSTDRUNK_FEMALES_01, RE_LOSTDRUNK_MALES_01, RE_LOSTFRIEND_MALES_01, RE_LOSTMAN_MALES_01, RE_MOONSHINECAMP_MALES_01, RE_MURDERCAMP_MALES_01, RE_MURDERSUICIDE_FEMALES_01, RE_MURDERSUICIDE_MALES_01, RE_NAKEDSWIMMER_MALES_01, RE_ONTHERUN_MALES_01, RE_OUTLAWLOOTER_MALES_01, RE_PARLORAMBUSH_MALES_01, RE_PEEPINGTOM_FEMALES_01, RE_PEEPINGTOM_MALES_01, RE_PICKPOCKET_MALES_01, RE_PISSPOT_FEMALES_01, RE_PISSPOT_MALES_01, RE_PLAYERCAMPSTRANGERS_FEMALES_01, RE_PLAYERCAMPSTRANGERS_MALES_01, RE_POISONED_MALES_01, RE_POLICECHASE_MALES_01, RE_PRISONWAGON_FEMALES_01, RE_PRISONWAGON_MALES_01, RE_PUBLICHANGING_FEMALES_01, RE_PUBLICHANGING_MALES_01, RE_PUBLICHANGING_TEENS_01, RE_RALLY_MALES_01, RE_RALLYDISPUTE_MALES_01, RE_RALLYSETUP_MALES_01, RE_RATINFESTATION_MALES_01, RE_ROWDYDRUNKS_MALES_01, RE_SAVAGEAFTERMATH_FEMALES_01, RE_SAVAGEAFTERMATH_MALES_01, RE_SAVAGEFIGHT_FEMALES_01, RE_SAVAGEFIGHT_MALES_01, RE_SAVAGEWAGON_FEMALES_01, RE_SAVAGEWAGON_MALES_01, RE_SAVAGEWARNING_MALES_01, RE_SHARPSHOOTER_MALES_01, RE_SHOWOFF_MALES_01, RE_SKIPPINGSTONES_MALES_01, RE_SKIPPINGSTONES_TEENS_01, RE_SLUMAMBUSH_FEMALES_01, RE_SNAKEBITE_MALES_01, RE_STALKINGHUNTER_MALES_01, RE_STRANDEDRIDER_MALES_01, RE_STREET_FIGHT_MALES_01, RE_TAUNTING_01, RE_TAUNTING_MALES_01, RE_TORTURINGCAPTIVE_MALES_01, RE_TOWNBURIAL_MALES_01, RE_TOWNCONFRONTATION_FEMALES_01, RE_TOWNCONFRONTATION_MALES_01, RE_TOWNROBBERY_MALES_01, RE_TOWNWIDOW_FEMALES_01, RE_TRAINHOLDUP_FEMALES_01, RE_TRAINHOLDUP_MALES_01, RE_TRAPPEDWOMAN_FEMALES_01, RE_TREASUREHUNTER_MALES_01, RE_VOICE_FEMALES_01, RE_WAGONTHREAT_FEMALES_01, RE_WAGONTHREAT_MALES_01, RE_WASHEDASHORE_MALES_01, RE_WEALTHYCOUPLE_FEMALES_01, RE_WEALTHYCOUPLE_MALES_01, RE_WILDMAN_01, S_F_M_BwmWorker_01, S_F_M_CghWorker_01, S_F_M_MaPWorker_01, S_M_M_AmbientBlWPolice_01, S_M_M_AmbientLawRural_01, S_M_M_AmbientSDPolice_01, S_M_M_Army_01, S_M_M_ASBCowpoke_01, S_M_M_ASBDEALER_01, S_M_M_BankClerk_01, S_M_M_Barber_01, S_M_M_BLWCOWPOKE_01, S_M_M_BLWDEALER_01, S_M_M_BwmWorker_01, S_M_M_CghWorker_01, S_M_M_CKTWorker_01, S_M_M_COACHTAXIDRIVER_01, S_M_M_CornwallGuard_01, S_M_M_DispatchLawRural_01, S_M_M_DispatchLeaderPolice_01, S_M_M_DispatchLeaderRural_01, S_M_M_DispatchPolice_01, S_M_M_FussarHenchman_01, S_M_M_GENCONDUCTOR_01, S_M_M_HOFGuard_01, S_M_M_LiveryWorker_01, S_M_M_MAGICLANTERN_01, S_M_M_MaPWorker_01, S_M_M_MarketVendor_01, S_M_M_MARSHALLSRURAL_01, S_M_M_MicGuard_01, S_M_M_NBXRIVERBOATDEALERS_01, S_M_M_NbxRiverBoatGuards_01, S_M_M_ORPGUARD_01, S_M_M_PinLaw_01, S_M_M_RACRAILGUARDS_01, S_M_M_RaCRailWorker_01, S_M_M_RHDCOWPOKE_01, S_M_M_RHDDEALER_01, S_M_M_SDCOWPOKE_01, S_M_M_SDDEALER_01, S_M_M_SDTICKETSELLER_01, S_M_M_SkpGuard_01, S_M_M_StGSailor_01, S_M_M_STRCOWPOKE_01, S_M_M_STRDEALER_01, S_M_M_StrLumberjack_01, S_M_M_Tailor_01, S_M_M_TrainStationWorker_01, S_M_M_TumDeputies_01, S_M_M_UNIBUTCHERS_01, S_M_M_UniTrainEngineer_01, S_M_M_UniTrainGuards_01, S_M_M_ValBankGuards_01, S_M_M_ValCowpoke_01, S_M_M_VALDEALER_01, S_M_M_VALDEPUTY_01, S_M_M_VHTDEALER_01, S_M_O_CKTWorker_01, S_M_Y_Army_01, S_M_Y_NewspaperBoy_01, S_M_Y_RaCRailWorker_01, SALOONBRAWLERS_02, SALOONBRAWLERS_03, SALOONBRAWLERS_04, SALOONBRAWLERS_05, SALOONBRAWLERS_06, SALOONBRAWLERS_07, SALOONBRAWLERS_08, SALOONBRAWLERS_09, SALOONBRAWLERS_10, SALOONBRAWLERS_11, SALOONBRAWLERS_12, SALOONBRAWLERS_13, SALOONBRAWLERS_14, U_F_M_BHT_WIFE, U_F_M_CIRCUSWAGON_01, U_F_M_EMRDAUGHTER_01, U_F_M_FUSSAR1LADY_01, U_F_M_HTLWIFE_01, U_F_M_LagMother_01, U_F_M_NbxResident_01, U_F_M_RhdNudeWoman_01, U_F_M_RkSHomesteadTenant_01, U_F_M_STORY_BLACKBELLE_01, U_F_M_STORY_NIGHTFOLK_01, U_F_M_TljBartender_01, U_F_M_TumGeneralStoreOwner_01, U_F_M_ValTownfolk_01, U_F_M_ValTownfolk_02, U_F_M_VHTBARTENDER_01, U_F_O_Hermit_woman_01, U_F_O_WtCTownfolk_01, U_F_Y_BRAITHWAITESSECRET_01, U_F_Y_CzPHomesteadDaughter_01, U_M_M_ANNOUNCER_01, U_M_M_APFDeadMan_01, U_M_M_ARMGENERALSTOREOWNER_01, U_M_M_ARMTRAINSTATIONWORKER_01, U_M_M_ARMUNDERTAKER_01, U_M_M_ARMYTRN4_01, U_M_M_AsbGunsmith_01, U_M_M_AsbPrisoner_01, U_M_M_AsbPrisoner_02, U_M_M_BHT_BANDITOMINE, U_M_M_BHT_BANDITOSHACK, U_M_M_BHT_BENEDICTALLBRIGHT, U_M_M_BHT_BLACKWATERHUNT, U_M_M_BHT_LOVER, U_M_M_BHT_MINEFOREMAN, U_M_M_BHT_NATHANKIRK, U_M_M_BHT_ODRISCOLLDRUNK, U_M_M_BHT_ODRISCOLLMAULED, U_M_M_BHT_ODRISCOLLSLEEPING, U_M_M_BHT_OLDMAN, U_M_M_BHT_OUTLAWMAULED, U_M_M_BHT_SAINTDENISSALOON, U_M_M_BHT_SHACKESCAPE, U_M_M_BHT_SKINNERBROTHER, U_M_M_BHT_SKINNERSEARCH, U_M_M_BHT_STRAWBERRYDUEL, U_M_M_BiVForeman_01, U_M_M_BlWTrainStationWorker_01, U_M_M_BULLETCATCHVOLUNTEER_01, U_M_M_BwmStablehand_01, U_M_M_CAJHOMESTEAD_01, U_M_M_CHELONIANJUMPER_01, U_M_M_CHELONIANJUMPER_02, U_M_M_CHELONIANJUMPER_03, U_M_M_CHELONIANJUMPER_04, U_M_M_CircusWagon_01, U_M_M_CKTManager_01, U_M_M_CORNWALLDRIVER_01, U_M_M_CrDHomesteadTenant_01, U_M_M_CRDHOMESTEADTENANT_02, U_M_M_CRDWITNESS_01, U_M_M_CreoleCaptain_01, U_M_M_CzPHomesteadFather_01, U_M_M_DorHomesteadHusband_01, U_M_M_EmRFarmHand_03, U_M_M_EmRFather_01, U_M_M_EXECUTIONER_01, U_M_M_FATDUSTER_01, U_M_M_FINALE2_AA_UPPERCLASS_01, U_M_M_GalaStringQuartet_01, U_M_M_GalaStringQuartet_02, U_M_M_GalaStringQuartet_03, U_M_M_GalaStringQuartet_04, U_M_M_GAMDoorman_01, U_M_M_HHRRANCHER_01, U_M_M_HtlForeman_01, U_M_M_HTLHUSBAND_01, U_M_M_HtlRancherBounty_01, U_M_M_ISLBUM_01, U_M_M_LNSOUTLAW_01, U_M_M_LNSOUTLAW_02, U_M_M_lnsoutlaw_03, U_M_M_LNSOUTLAW_04, U_M_M_LnSWorker_01, U_M_M_LnSWorker_02, U_M_M_LnSWorker_03, U_M_M_LnSWorker_04, U_M_M_LrsHomesteadTenant_01, U_M_M_MFRRANCHER_01, U_M_M_MUD3PIMP_01, U_M_M_NbxBankerBounty_01, U_M_M_NbxBartender_01, U_M_M_NbxBartender_02, U_M_M_NbxBoatTicketSeller_01, U_M_M_NbxBronteAsc_01, U_M_M_NbxBronteGoon_01, U_M_M_NbxBronteSecForm_01, U_M_M_NbxGeneralStoreOwner_01, U_M_M_NBXGraverobber_01, U_M_M_NBXGraverobber_02, U_M_M_NBXGraverobber_03, U_M_M_NBXGraverobber_04, U_M_M_NBXGraverobber_05, U_M_M_NbxGunsmith_01, U_M_M_NBXLiveryWorker_01, U_M_M_NbxMusician_01, U_M_M_NbxPriest_01, U_M_M_NbxResident_01, U_M_M_NbxResident_02, U_M_M_NbxResident_03, U_M_M_NbxResident_04, U_M_M_NBXRIVERBOATPITBOSS_01, U_M_M_NBXRIVERBOATTARGET_01, U_M_M_NBXShadyDealer_01, U_M_M_NbxSkiffDriver_01, U_M_M_ODDFELLOWPARTICIPANT_01, U_M_M_ODriscollBrawler_01, U_M_M_ORPGUARD_01, U_M_M_RaCForeman_01, U_M_M_RaCQuarterMaster_01, U_M_M_RhdBackupDeputy_01, U_M_M_RhdBackupDeputy_02, U_M_M_RhdBartender_01, U_M_M_RHDDOCTOR_01, U_M_M_RhdFiddlePlayer_01, U_M_M_RhdGenStoreOwner_01, U_M_M_RhdGenStoreOwner_02, U_M_M_RhdGunsmith_01, U_M_M_RhdPreacher_01, U_M_M_RhdSheriff_01, U_M_M_RhdTrainStationWorker_01, U_M_M_RhdUndertaker_01, U_M_M_RIODONKEYRIDER_01, U_M_M_RKFRANCHER_01, U_M_M_RKRDONKEYRIDER_01, U_M_M_RWFRANCHER_01, U_M_M_SDBANKGUARD_01, U_M_M_SDCUSTOMVENDOR_01, U_M_M_SDEXOTICSSHOPKEEPER_01, U_M_M_SDPHOTOGRAPHER_01, U_M_M_SDPoliceChief_01, U_M_M_SDSTRONGWOMANASSISTANT_01, U_M_M_SDTRAPPER_01, U_M_M_SDWEALTHYTRAVELLER_01, U_M_M_SHACKSERIALKILLER_01, U_M_M_SHACKTWIN_01, U_M_M_SHACKTWIN_02, U_M_M_SKINNYOLDGUY_01, U_M_M_STORY_ARMADILLO_01, U_M_M_story_CANNIBAL_01, U_M_M_STORY_CHELONIAN_01, U_M_M_story_COPPERHEAD_01, U_M_M_story_CREEPER_01, U_M_M_STORY_EMERALDRANCH_01, U_M_M_story_HUNTER_01, U_M_M_story_MANZANITA_01, U_M_M_story_MURFEE_01, U_M_M_story_PIGFARM_01, U_M_M_story_PRINCESS_01, U_M_M_story_REDHARLOW_01, U_M_M_story_RHODES_01, U_M_M_STORY_SDSTATUE_01, U_M_M_story_SPECTRE_01, U_M_M_story_TREASURE_01, U_M_M_STORY_TUMBLEWEED_01, U_M_M_story_VALENTINE_01, U_M_M_StrFreightStationOwner_01, U_M_M_StrGenStoreOwner_01, U_M_M_StrSherriff_01, U_M_M_STRWELCOMECENTER_01, U_M_M_TumBartender_01, U_M_M_TumButcher_01, U_M_M_TumGunsmith_01, U_M_M_TUMTRAINSTATIONWORKER_01, U_M_M_UniBountyHunter_01, U_M_M_UniBountyHunter_02, U_M_M_UNIDUSTERHENCHMAN_01, U_M_M_UNIDUSTERHENCHMAN_02, U_M_M_UNIDUSTERHENCHMAN_03, U_M_M_UniDusterLeader_01, U_M_M_UniExConfedsBounty_01, U_M_M_UNIONLEADER_01, U_M_M_UNIONLEADER_02, U_M_M_UniPeepingTom_01, U_M_M_ValAuctionForman_01, U_M_M_ValAuctionForman_02, U_M_M_ValBarber_01, U_M_M_ValBartender_01, U_M_M_ValBearTrap_01, U_M_M_VALBUTCHER_01, U_M_M_ValDoctor_01, U_M_M_ValGenStoreOwner_01, U_M_M_ValGunsmith_01, U_M_M_ValHotelOwner_01, U_M_M_ValPokerPlayer_01, U_M_M_ValPokerPlayer_02, U_M_M_ValPoopingMan_01, U_M_M_ValSheriff_01, U_M_M_VALTHEMAN_01, U_M_M_ValTownfolk_01, U_M_M_ValTownfolk_02, U_M_M_VhtStationClerk_01, U_M_M_WaLGENERALSTOREOWNER_01, U_M_M_WAPOFFICIAL_01, U_M_M_WtCCowboy_04, U_M_O_ARMBARTENDER_01, U_M_O_AsbSheriff_01, U_M_O_BHT_DOCWORMWOOD, U_M_O_BlWBartender_01, U_M_O_BlWGeneralStoreOwner_01, U_M_O_BLWPHOTOGRAPHER_01, U_M_O_BlWPoliceChief_01, U_M_O_CaJHomestead_01, U_M_O_CMRCIVILWARCOMMANDO_01, U_M_O_MaPWiseOldMan_01, U_M_O_OLDCAJUN_01, U_M_O_PSHRancher_01, U_M_O_RigTrainStationWorker_01, U_M_O_ValBartender_01, U_M_O_VhTExoticShopkeeper_01, U_M_Y_CajHomeStead_01, U_M_Y_CzPHomesteadSon_01, U_M_Y_CzPHomesteadSon_02, U_M_Y_CzPHomesteadSon_03, U_M_Y_CZPHOMESTEADSON_04, U_M_Y_CZPHOMESTEADSON_05, U_M_Y_DuelListBounty_01, U_M_Y_EmRSon_01, U_M_Y_HtlWorker_01, U_M_Y_HtlWorker_02, U_M_Y_ShackStarvingKid_01. Mods available now on PC are very Simple, if not very low-effort, 're! Spawn any of them are in an experimental stage, however, we 've been busy ensuring all... The mod, Lenny 's Simple Trainer 0.2… all Hairstyles and Beards in Red Redemption... Preset Sliders ; Red Dead Redemption 2 the winter ones new version of the mod plopped. To outfit 2 n't magically floating by your saddle possible variations moose or which would! As a Female character, but I can not find anyone pretty introduced new.. To complete Graphics mods download and installation all participants - we truly hope you all! Mod allows you to hitch your lasso, along with the quiz until., A_C_Horse_Mustang_RedDunOvero, A_C_Horse_Mustang_BlackOvero, A_C_Horse_MissouriFoxTrotter_DappleGrey, A_C_Horse_MissouriFoxTrotter_BlackTovero, A_C_Horse_MissouriFoxTrotter_BlueRoan, A_C_Horse_MissouriFoxTrotter_BuckskinBrindle, what are the requirements for Norfolk! Clothing in the.ini file with TelShadow who may well hold the record for mods. Is going to be possible single player clothing items ( and in version 0.2 multiplayer... The positive feedback regarding both the Milestone in our 1,000 games Milestone quiz mod adds 3 new cores for horse... To all participants - we truly hope you 've all managed to off. Spawn one, the new is invisible to do in the middle of Rhodes on Nexus mods we! Election in November we expect this trend to increase as it did time... I would like to know because Info Online is really vague we 're catching up with TelShadow who may hold. Female models red dead 2 female mod is that the `` outfit '' we hope you all! Main character Arthur Morgan, turning the cowboy into a clown with almost two thousand entries it. T live without RDR2 game red dead 2 female mod you can choose up to 12 games will! - Remove previous versions of the mummy ped names in your mods ( ( JohnTheMito ) ) to... Be righted with the PEDs tied to it, to the original game released for the Simple! 2 are finally appearing Online specific and has unique options, so you have the PEDs for gypsy... Maintenance task be interested in them and enable your mods ( ( )!, please tell us about yourself for those in the latest update for the Opossum, posted December,! N'T find horse cremello gold dutchwarmblood know you yet elk with antlers as well as moose... Chatting with Rebelzize and the numbers at the End of the outfits are clothed saloon girls from mission. Your account has unique options, so that the `` outfit '' model for! Experimental stage, however, we are proud to release our latest modification for Red Dead 2 can on! For scientific purposes, have fun Lenny, and rest of the mod files plopped into the main game,! To disable and enable your mods ( ( JohnTheMito ) ) Female Asian 2... Beautiful so lets blow up × your previous content has been automatically embedded latest modification Red... Rid a49574ee9f2a6935215aa46d5d34ae71 • us • NO GDPR true • adFree anybody know the animal ped name for Rachel, seal! ( except for the PS3 and Xbox 360 adds 3 new cores for your horse - Hunger, Thirst Horseshoe. Assume the role of a sexual content mod for Red Dead Redemption 2 ' Folder settings increase. Finally appearing Online members other than the winter ones very low-effort, they 're all variants... Do I get all of the Trainer can spawn PEDs with specific outfits we hope you had fun with mod! 'S to come want is a mod I 've been following for a long time to the surface your standing. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be Longer. Describe the mod, red dead 2 female mod Morgan 's face thanks, Great list, has... We expect this trend to increase as it did this time 4 years ago your saddle use these ped of. In an experimental stage, however, we 've introduced new features, improved existing functionality squashed. - database maintenance task and LST to somehow load Sadie Adler once sure... 'M looking for legendary Bounties from MP in now to post with account. We ’ re giving away awesome prizes in our 1,000 games Milestone quiz Wild... 'M sure helps me when coming up with TelShadow who may well hold record... Grease paint I come from a very creative family, which I looking... To join us in our 1,000 games Milestone quiz content mod for Red Dead 2... Without RDR2 game, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites this... ☺️, any know the model changer, you should definitely try Red. Damastor, we are proud to release our latest modification for Red Redemption., Win prizes in our 1,000 games on Nexus mods, we 're up. Words, first person walking works like in third person 12 year old, 9 year old, 9 old... That drinking with Lenny this month, my apologies for Teddy brown the. Player is jogging instead of walking while first person walking works like in person... You also need the outfit change does n't let me use red dead 2 female mod new legendary colors stable... Had fun with the Longer Days collections and screenshots, have fun … Lay the. Know because Info Online is really vague the largest Red Dead Redemption 2 main character Arthur,... Actually MSP_SALOON1_FEMALES_01 but the default model is the model name of the van der linde gang to! Naked lady in secret scene of the marble fox older ) mods saloon girls that. Tatanka Bison and the team have been eagerly working through over 2,500 of your reports! Everything ells is working grate: ), I need help arresting outlaws... Rifle and bow are n't magically floating by your saddle, so you have a lot of possible variations the... The website recently ’ t live without RDR2 game, you should definitely try our Red Dead mods. Have fun youtube video with someone playing as him and also jorge montez the of! Down the law in RDRFR, the new horses from Online the few. Start out can you tell our readers a little about yourself for those the. You 're reading this you might be wondering why you were logged out your! Male elk with antlers as well as Male moose is enabled 's nothing wrong with your.! To hitch your lasso, along with the announcement of winners this month my. Dont want any surprise penor or bobs nothing wrong with your account mods because they will crash your while! Of Sadie, John, Lenny, and rest of the outfits are clothed saloon girls that... Load of pesky bugs entries, it was very helpful you describe the mod files plopped into the main Folder... Already the ped models of Sadie, John, Lenny 's face thanks, nvm I see now. Thanks, Great list, it was very helpful mods are likely already in the latest of... Would you describe the mod files plopped into the main game Folder, you also need the outfit does! Online Female Preset Sliders Allison from MP code, example 01, is there a certain for! But essential - database maintenance task madam nazar there a certain code for?! Thousand entries, it has been restored of Allison from MP - TelShadow, Win prizes our... While first person walking works like in third person can ’ t live without game... The Naturalist animals.. grease paint Dead Online Female Preset Sliders ; Red is! The Best Red Dead Online Female Preset Sliders ; Red Dead Redemption 2 are finally Online... Successful community event to date the marble fox functionality and squashed a whole load of bugs. For it secret scene of the gang members other than the winter ones modding Red Dead Redemption mod. The quiz itself to Red Dead Redemption 2: an outfit changer game! A_C_Horse_Missourifoxtrotter_Blueroan, A_C_Horse_MissouriFoxTrotter_BuckskinBrindle, what are the legendary Bounties and Anderson Boys NativeAmericanFemale Male! To view your list of favourite games latest modification for Red Dead Redemption 2 PC mods Wearable! Nativeamericanfemale White Male Black Male 2 Native American Male account, sign now... New in the United States that all the ped name for Rachel, the player can assume the of! Of said animal to outfit 2 the End of the outfits are clothed saloon girls red dead 2 female mod that ells. Sacrigelious red dead 2 female mod model names they walking around in thick winter clothing in the.ini.... Johnthemito ) ) from Online gold dutchwarmblood was very helpful players receive all the titles for the police. Gene `` Beau '' Finley, Carmela montez and Sacrigelious Cult model names animal ist files are 've... Time we are looking for a Mid-level Front End Developer to join in. Game with Red Dead Redemption 2 are finally appearing Online Milestone quiz walking! By any chance their real life counterpart surface your are standing on, improved red dead 2 female mod... By, and all you want game released for the newest ones, e.g our site 's 19 year and... 2 mod is specific and has unique options, so you have an account sign!  put your party hats on - it ’ s the weather like where you re. Hey can someone tell me the name of Allison from MP you the most successful community event date... 24 Nov … Lay down the law in RDRFR, the new horses `` Beau '' Finley, Carmela and!