I do recommend this mattress if you are looking for something for a bunk bed. Bear is one of the best value mattresses online. Great buy. I plan to get a thin sheet of plywood to put underneath so that it will not sag through the planks over time. With the advancement of innovation, many bed mattress brand names these days design their own special materials. Really weird but cool. I was a little afraid to buy this because of some of the other reviews, but I am very pleased with it. A few months back I purchased 2 spa sensations mattresses from Wal-Mart. But after opening it and giving it some time to inflate, It turned out to be a great mattress for my kids bunk beds. It’s clear that if you want a high quality bed mattress, that they do not truly come cheap.It’s a huge investment to make, so when you buy one, it is crucial to find a mattress that will certainly last you for years.It is necessary to discover a mattress, that has been developed to last for a long time. He loves it. But I’m only 130 pounds and when I laid down with my son, the mattress gives a lot, it creaks and the springs are super noticeable. Irregardless, foam bed mattress that have actually decreased layers are popular to cause what’s called “the oven outcome”. Great mattress! Nice and firm, can't feel the springs, feels comfortable and the kids like it. It was larger and thicker than I thought it would be or as it appeared by the size of the box. The pros: Good priced cooling foam mattresses that most customers like at the beginning. Luckily, over the last few years, it has become the most exciting time to buy a mattress. When it comes to customer satisfaction, most customers like the quality for the price on initial sleep. If you decide you are going to acquire a mattress, a minimum of invest your money into a mattress that uses at the least, a 10 year guarantee. They have an off-gassing period of roughly a week to 10 days and the initial odor is very strong. My bed in a box experiment is over. The only problem that I had, was that as soon as the plastic wrapper had a whole ( that i made) it inflated so fast that i barely had time to put it on the bed! Very, very pleased to install the 6" Bunk Bed Spring Mattress (twin). Recommended. A total of three mattress designs are in the business existing lineup: Each bed mattress has a total of 6 different firmness levels. Next sunny day I’m letting it sit out side for the day. I have laid on it a few times and slept real well. So, no thank you for this 6 inch mattress. I was excited aabout getting a new maattress but have been very disappointed in it. Good purchase at a great price. The quality is very good, very firm and very comfortable. Slumber Search is supported by readers. The mattress is really firm and I can feel the coils all night long. I was pleasantly surprised when my package arrived so soon. Bought this for my kids bunk bed they love it. They have good reviews online for this brand specifically and we are excited about what they have done for both the mattress industry and for everyday people's sleep. There was a small smell when first opened but I used a fabric spray after 24 hrs and it was fine!!! They are known for being low cost with varying levels of durability and quality. Walmart sells a variety of low-priced Simmons products, like their Beautyrest mattresses. If your sheet slips and your hair comes in contact, its over "lint head" lol. Purple bed mattress includes a 10 year limited service guarantee. I wouldn't use it for an every night bed for an adult, however it makes a great kids bed or possible guest bed. The top was worn to the point that the springs were jabbing me everywhere. Still stinks. The ability to tailor this mattress and change the firmness on either side according to your needs makes it a fantastic option if you share your bed with someone else; you can each choose your own firmness level from ultra soft to ultra company without requiring to fret about your partner being unpleasant.