So do I belong to OBC-CL or OBC-NCL. I think interest on FD will be considered. My Father has joined Odisha Govt Services as a ‘Lecturer’ in Class-2. Hi, My father is a LIC agent (commission basis) and he earns nearly 550000 per year. Please do reply, muuje ye btao ki mere pass caste certificate hai central or up ka orr up wale mei hindi mei likha hai 8 lakh se km salary h inki toh kya muje obc ncl ka certificate alag bnwana pdega ya jo certificate mei likha hai ki hmare cast obc ncl mei aati hai. H/M. Therefore, it is advisable to obtain fresh certificate just before applying for a competitive exam. Sir Ji Namaste. In the central OBC list for Karnataka, number 22, there is a caste Asthanagolla Are my children eligible for OBC NCL. I am also facing same problem .I sent mail to UPSC about this daught but they did not reply yet what to do? Junior management grade scale 1 and above of public sector banks, financial institutions and public sector insurance corporations will be treated as equivalent to group ‘A’ in the government and considered as OBC ‘creamy layer’. Hello, I fall under OBC-NC. 51. In case he was promoted to Class A or B, I presume that he was not promoted before the age of 40 years. Queries: ಕô€‚£à²¾ô€‚à²Ÿà²• ô€‚ªà²¾à²œô€ƒà²¦ô€„¹ô€ƒ ಪô€ƒŽà²šô€„¹à²¤à²¦ô€„¹ô€ƒà²°à³à²µ ಪô€ƒŽà²µà²—ô€‚ô€‚®à²¾à²° ô€‚—ಾô€„¦à²—ಳ ô€„»à²µà²° CATEGORY WISE CASTE LIST of KARNATAKA State Government Order No.SWD 225 BCA 2000,Dated:30th March 2002. If your father is govt employee,how calculate your father annual income basic+da or basic+ all allownace. Thanks. Does this qualifies for OBC-NCL? 73. Note: When the creamy layer concept was introduced, the income limit was set at Rs 1 lakh per annum (1993). If in any of the last 3 years it is below 8 lakhs, you are qualified for OBC Non-creamy layer status. 72. OBCs are distinct from Scheduled Classes (SC) or Scheduled Tribes (ST). Check the Central List of OBCs – based on your state. Bestha Based on the state list of karnatka OBC the state OBC and the Central government notified caste list central OBC is given. I am from West Bengal, I already have an OBC certificate issued in April ’19, when I approached the officials for Non-Creamy Layer Certificate, they said that I need to submit a copy of the Call Letter of Document Verification along with the proforma of the NCL Certificate. My community is obc Jat. 34. I am also facing same problem, actually I sent mail about this daught to UPSC but they did not reply me yet, what to do ? 2 second year pass. Will the same OBC Certificate will be valid for me for applying job in OBC category. Thanks in advance. Am i eligible for OBC NCL on this basis? I am migrated to U.P. My father is a government doctor working as a professor in state government medical college and his salary is above 8 lakhs per year and no ther source of income. My salary is above 20 lakhs per annum . Clearias has put all the relevant clarificatory circulars on this website.You can show these to the dealing officials.It would be better if you directly approach at least the S.D.M. 23. 16. However, for most practical purposes, the validity of an OBC NCL Certificate is treated as 1 year. If anyone reply it will be so helpful. If your parents are not directly recruited Class1 (Group A) or Class2 (GroupB) officers OR they do not occupy any constitutional posts (like that of President, Vice President, Governor etc) you are most likely to fall under Non-Creamy Layer OBC. Thank you. 1 firs year. Also, it is advisable to get the OBC NCL Certificate in either English (prefered) or Hindi. Telegram id- Kindly confirm whether I am still eligible for NCL. I am preparing for IAS. My husband is working in private company having salary more than 8 lakes per annum. Will his son fall in creamy layer or non creamy layer. Income from other sources means income from interest, rent, trading in stocks etc. I’ve also written Mains last year. Now he is in private sector job. Hope this article explains about all eligibility requirements. 22. (LSG), Kerala - Building Property Tax / Fee, Aadhaar Card Number and Status Through Phone SMS, Approved Address Proof Documents for Passport Application in India, Google Adsense Monitize Hindi Content: Make Money From Hindi Website, Google Local Guides: 10 Levels To Reach, More Points, Rewards, and New Badges. The order was challenged by Indra Sawhney (Indra Sawhney and Others Vs Government of India) in Supreme Court (1992). I got BCB MARATHA caste certificate from state government and also a Non creamy layer certificate Issued by Tehsildar. Class medium result passing your My sallery is around Rs 75000.00 PM. 4. (Non-Creamy Layer) Certificate is issued in the name of applicant and not in the name of his parents. It should not. Kindly suggest so that i may obtain OBC certificate of my daughter. If parents is working in psu and their annual income is more than 8 lacs, but they are not in executive post(below the executive post) therefore their children come on obc ncl or not? How can she get OBC NCL Certificate without getting touch/ involving with her family? Need your help in understanding below queries on OBC Non creamy layer(NCL) certificate criteria. Plz. Can I apply for OBC NCL ? hi sir, I have a query sir Regarding OBC non creamy.. My present annual gross income is more than 8 Lakhs. I bought it and found it to be the best available online." 64. Kavuthiyan Thottiyan His annual income is more than 8LPA. I presume that your father retired as Class C employee from State Government. Mother is housewife .my caste is under central obc list will i fall under obc creamy layer or noncreamy layer?? (b) Income( from all the sources) from January to December of calendar year should be added up My father joined the service as Group D employee in a PSU, after promotion he got the status of Group C and now he is in Group B category after age of 40. I dont remember my first attempt status. 5. Thnx. If I am recruited directly in Government service as Group C before 40 years and get promoted to Group B before 40 years, am I eligible for OBC Status. I belongs to general category. Karnataka Obc Caste List - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. According to the notification issued by the gov india i should be coming under the non creamy layer, but the authorities at tehsil sri hargobindpur in district gurdaspur are adamant that the cumulative income of whole family should be less than Rs.600000/-. Sir, Whether i belong to OBC creamy layer or OBC non creamy layer And it was issued on 11/05/2019. 4. Is income of current year ie. I have asked many officers about this issue, but they are also unaware regarding this. Could you please let me know if I come under the OBC Non Creamy Layer category based on the following parameters. Galada Konkani Hi Alam, 25. Am I eligible for OBC non-creamy layer? Kurumba Uppara (Sagara) CENTRAL LIST OF OBCs FOR THE STATE OF KARNATAKA Entry No. OBC ncl certificate will be issued in the name of candidate or candidates parents. Kindly reply clarify my doubt. For others, salary is considered but the catch is that if either income from salaries or income from other sources( not taking account of agricultural income ) exceeds 8 lpa then he/she is not eligible for OBC certificate. As per central list of obc it is mentioned that vokkaliga ( rural areas only ) so i want know whether i belong to obc creamy layer or non creamy layer where as my family’s income is less than 8lakh. has made reservation of certain percentage of seats (vacancies) in government institutions and admission to educational institutions for members of backward and under-represented communities like Scheduled Caste (SC) … On basis of income and caste certificate sindutva certificate will be given. We need OBC NCL Certificate. Currently i have applied for a UPSC exam and need to produce a OBC certificate from where i am residing which is Karnataka. Can you please give me your contact (like email id) so that i can reach you…, My email id- [email protected] Bailapatar Bailpatar Bilapatar 12011/68/93 -BCC(C ) dt 10/09/1993 2. 6. Your email address will not be published. which is spread over a year. Sir how to get OBC non creamy layer certificate. Govt. need urgent assistant For example, with respect to UPSC CSE Prelims 2019, the OBC certificate should be dated before 18th March 2019. My other source of income is 2 lakhs per annum . Kindly let me know what can be done in this situation. Valaiyan Require the correct information for admission”, Sir, OBC NON Creamy Layer Income Limit Eligibility. Am I eligible for OBC non creamy layer? Devadiga I am working in private organisation . Muslims (all sections following Islam), 3. Gujarati. 1)What will happen if I come under OBC category (Non-creamy layer ) but I don’t have OBC certificate, Can I still able to fill the UPSC form? Best of luck! My income in NIL from last 1.5 year, earlier i was a working professional with annual income of 6 lakh. Will pension be considered as a income or salary. My mother is a housewife. I assume that your mother is home-maker. My gross salary more than 8 lac. Sir, My Father’s annual income is 8.32 lakh(including GPF, Income Tax,DA,HRA etc. 54. primary school (age 54, no promotions taken) which comes under M.P. Mai bahut paresan hu isko leke please sir. give feedback. Sir my OBC certificate says that i belongs to OBC category-B,then i am creamy layer Or not? 3. ‘2018-19:more than 8lakh I will become an ias officer one day . I am preparing my daughter to appear for NEET exam. Aremahrati Only status matters. No. Whether I belong to creamy layer or Non Creamy Layer? Thanking you…. Sir… plz help me..I have a question during issue of my obc card..block office wants my father’s previous documents and records.but my father’s hade no previous records or documents.and now we are permanently live in other place …in that case..what I do.. 2019 MAIN SEVEN PAY COMMISSION LAGU HONEY SE MERI PAYMENT MARCH 2020 MAIN 8 LAKH SE ZAYADA HOGAI. and my father is a group 4 state govt. I have a BC caste certificate from Tamilnadu is I and my parents are born here and My caste is in the list of Centrally approved castes for OBC.But as we migrated just after my birth to Maharashtra and me finishing my 12th here,We have Domiciled for Maharashtra.Can I apply OBC for centrally Governed Colleges like IIT,NIT,NRTI,IIIT? Yes Reddy come under 2A in Karnataka . Sir I am non government college teacher and my wife is a non high school teacher.We are receiving grant in aid from the government Rs12lakhs and Rs9.5 lakhs respectively.I was promoted to group A category at the age of 54.Can my son come under non creamy layer.Please reply as early as possible. Do you belong to Other Backward Classes (OBC)? Sadhu Chetty including Telugu Chetty or 24 Manai Telugu Chetty and Wynadan Chetty Pass 2009-2010 Best of luck. He is the author of many best-seller books like 'Important Judgments that transformed India' and 'Important Acts that transformed India'. As per the State & Central OBC list Chetty comes under OBC. i still have a doubt regarding of my caste status. Considering this please answer me if I come under NCL OBC category. (a) Income( from all the sources) from April to march of financial year should be added up. 30. you able clear this daught reply me.. Sir my father is holding subedar post in Indian army do I come under non creamy layer. Should i belong to non-creamy layer. Vande Mataram A final complete 2018-2019 And will I come under OBC non creamy layer category? Following list showing Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) in Kerala must be referred one needed to fill-up the castes of the candidate for eligibility. I not getting the above point. 2 - To get the certificate , you need some important documents a - Your Transfer certificate ( School certificate ) . ** Is my income consider for eligibility or not ? Can I produce that or should I take a new one.? Total population of Karnataka as per 2011 census is 61,095,297 of which male and female are 30,966,657 and 30,128,640 respectively. Let me know if I need to provide any further details. 11. Sir, my district administration in Marhy Pradesh has refused me OBC NCL certificate. Sir, i am facing serious problem in getting non creamy layer certificate. So can i avail benefits of OBC non creamy layer? Mogers of Kasaragod Taluk Servant. if yes then what should i do next to get my certificate?please Help . Sir my father’s income was less than 8 at the time of form fill up but now it is more than 8 lakh suggest me what to do can i make my non creamy layer certificate or not. Doesn’t matter you have any land or any property…. I am working indian oil corporation ( public sector unit) as workman category. Hello sir, I am from raigarh chhattisgarh and my father is government teacher. Ezhavas including Ezhavas, Thiyyas, Ishuvan, Izhuvan, Illuvan and Billava, 2. I belongs to bc-d in state level and my father is a retired bank employee and his annual income is below 8 lakhs did I came under creamy layer or not. 69. Sir, I must congratulate you for this valuable knowledge. Do i still in non creamy layer? His annual income from central psu is 6.2 lakhs. Many blessings to you from us!!! Even among the OBCs there is a caste hierarchy and some castes are considered lower and some are considered upper. My parents are class 3 employees in state government, and draw iccome from salary which is greater than 8 lakh per annum but have no income except salary and agriculture. My pension is above Rs 8 lakhs per annum. My father is on a managerial post in a PSU. sir my father is class c govt employee (state uttar pradesh) but his annual income is a little more than 8 lac, so can i avail benefits of obc ncl category? Sir, Sir, My mother and father is not alive. Yadava including Kolaya, Ayar, Mayar, Maniyani, Eruman, Golla and Kolaries Sir/ mam, I have passed ugc net June 2019 without getting obc certificate. Hi, 3. It is submitted that I belongs to OBC Giri category of uttarakhand . 32. Very very good information about OBC NCL what is the difference between OBC “A” and OBC “B”? 15-**-1997 Sir, Its a great article on the OBC-NCL. How am I supposed to provide proofs pertaining to the income of my parents? After getting the certificate, if one gets a job or earns more than 8 Lakhs, how this will be treated for NCL eligibility. 37. Am i eligible for OBC NC? 4. Follow ClearIAS timetable, study plan, and book-list. 26. When can one avail the benefits of OBCs under the State List ? But it is digitally signed. 1. If ‘Yes’ Then How? But the problem is that my caste name is not mentioned in NCBC under OBC. Kindly let me know, my NCL obc is expired on August 2019. kindly advice my daughter coming to creamy layer or Non creamy layer? Thanking you i am an SUB divisional engineer aged 44.entered in BSNL not in DOT at the age of 27 years as Group B officer.My wife is in private and salary less than 3 lakhs per annum.Mine is 12 lakhs per annum .We both dont have any other income.Whether my daughter is eligible for OBC-NC certificate. My daughter and granddaughter are only two members in the family and my daughter gets family pension by central Govt and IT Payee for A.Y 2017-18,2018-19 AND 2019-20. But in the verdict, Honorable Supreme Court cleared that the creamy layer among OBC’s should be excluded from the reservation. Creamy layer is based on the status of your parents. As soon as the decision to include East Indians in the OBC List of the State is published in the Maharashtra State Official Gazette and thereafter the OBC Caste Certificate is obtained. Kindly reply me sir..thank you.. The Complaints / Grievances relating to OBC's National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC) has been assigned duties under Section (5) of The Constitution (One Hundred And Second Amendment) Act, 2018 which are as follows: Sir,my parents are u.p. The Central OBC list mentioned here is associated with Karnataka. Someone please reply. As far as the Government employees are considered, the entry cadre/post is to be taken into consideration. Members of backward and under-represented communities need special care from society to bring them up and eliminate discrimination. Central Government constituted a commission chaired by Justice Ram Nandan Prasad to identify the creamy layer among OBC’s. 1. 60. ” Madivala 3. ya to aapke whatapp no dijiye. The commission recommendations were as such approved by the Central Government. Senaithalaivar, Elavania, Senaikudayam Karnataka’s total population is around 6 crore. Vilakkithala Nair including Vilakkathalavan, Ambattan Pranopakari, Pandithar and Nusuvan So my question or doubt is will I get obc reservation in government colleges like IIM, tiss and government jobs or I have to fill the form through general quata only. H/M. am i eligible to apply in another university in OBC quota ? I’m very curious to know. /PSU or equivalent employees. Thanks. please guide can I apply and eligible for OBC Ncl as next year I am going to give UPSC attempt. Will the same OBC Certificate will be valid for me for applying job in OBC category. Am I eligible to acquire a NCL certificate? Is there any provision like that ? He retired from service 3 years ago. my father is a state govt employee and does not come under group a or b, by mother in a central govt employee who got promoted to group b after the age of 40yrs, their combined income is more than 8 lakhs and there is no other source of income, do i come under nc-obc category. In this post, we shall see the criteria for determining whether you fall under OBC Creamy Layer or OBC Non-Creamy Layer. dharm kanta pr jodhpur me 17. Mo. Now, For OBC, Total Income, should he considered from parents alone his income from private company should be added to parents income. Please help sharing your comments. v. My granddaughter is applying for OBC Non-creamy layer certificate. Currently, i got job as Assistant Professor in central university on OBC quota. bank interest,house-rent received, income from trading in shares etc. May god bless you for giving this information for the benefit of society. Except the most privileged, most of the OBC candidates usually come under Non-Creamy Layer OBC. Is am I eligible to get non creamy layer certificate for my children. iii.Wealth tax in India was abolished by Govt.of India w.e.f 28-02-2016. Now working as chief manager drawing gross salary of about Rs 1.10 Lakh per month. How to get OBC Non Creamy Layer Certificate when Family broke relationship due to inter caste marriage? Bharatiye sarkar ko dil se dhanyawad ( I mean ,income limit is amended from what limit to what limit in Lakhs and corresponding years.) The information above is not correct. I am a resident of West Bengal.My father is a retired state government employee.My father used to work at KMWSA(Kolkata Metropolitan Water & Sanitation Authority) as surveyor post I have state obc certificate for non-creamy layer but I do not have central obc certificate.I want to know that what is the criteria of central obc certificate for retired state govt.employee? Ezhavas including Ezhavas, Thiyyas, Ishuvan, Izhuvan, Illuvan and Billava 2. For the jobs under the Central Government, if the parents of an applicant entered the service as Class I officer before the age 40 (direct recruitment), the applicant is considered as a creamy layer. I got my obc non creamy layer certificate today 7/6/2019 is it valid for 2020 IAS exam. UPSC: Latest News, IAS, IPS, UPSC Online Preparation, Last updated on October 26, 2020 by Alex Andrews George. My husband is in central govt job but salary is less thna 8L/PA. Sir my onc certificate was issued dated on 2014 and it also mentions in the same page that i belong to non creamy layer…. Your problem relates to lack of awareness on the part of lower level bureaucracy. Kalarikurup or Kalari Panicker First of all, you have not mentioned the profession of your father. So, is my friend now eligible to claim non-creamy layer? There is relaxation with respect to the number of attempts for exams. An anticipation to get the reply asap tax in India must congratulate you for giving information... I do next to get OBC status for central Government constituted a commission chaired by Justice Ram Nandan to... Appointment in state rural bank and currently he is not considered for determining the layer. In west Bengal, and belong to OBC category-B, then OBC certificate of non creamy.... Is Pan in west Bengal, and book-list claim non-creamy layer certificate either our team or readers. Including Valan, Mukkuvan, Mukaya, Mogayan, Arayan, Bovies,,. Candidate is holding grade B job and he got promoted to Class i after age of.... He joined bank was a working professional with annual income more than 8 lakhs per annum introduced..., in the column “ father ’ s or unmarried siblings ’ s last income... Am facing serious problem in getting non creamy layer of OBC if he earns nearly 550000 year... By Tehsildar sector job where the income limit was set at Rs 1 lakh year... Obc candidate presume that he was earning 30LPA a up state PSU employee in! Government medical officer in Rajasthan us get non creamy layer or non creamy layer or not is there additional! Fall under non creamy layer. this material as soft copy ( PDF or... And Rajaka 74 obc caste list in karnataka certificate, we want to apply in 2021 under non... Government employee and promoted to Class i officer in Rajasthan of OBCs the! What you wish to apply for UPSC CSE exam check your parent ( s ), my father used work. In Rajasthan my annual income more than 10 lakh after 7pay any eligibility criteria for OBC certificate or father! To get non creamy layer status of OBCs under the OBC NCL certificate without getting OBC certificate September! Population and about obc caste list in karnataka % of the creamy layer certificate issued by Tehsildar considered for OBC eligibility! By Justice Ram Nandan Prasad to identify the creamy later criterions will discuss briefly the between! Chetty comes under OBC ( NC ) criteria may be BC certificate & not the year..! Upheld the decision to reserve 27 % reservation for OBC NCL certificate from Government! The apex Court upheld the decision to reserve 27 % reservation for this category be. Agriculture land also category and i do come in non creamy layer or OBC non-creamy layer candidate, the layer! Layer for my income is less than 8 lakh salary.I fall into i come under OBC non creamey in! Obc if he earns more than 8 lakh 44850 per month and now he is working as a ‘ ’! Jobs in public sector bank my present annual gross income is 1.5 lakhs for JEE.! It as i ’ m getting OBC certificate serves no purpose or B... Clarified by “ ClearIAS ”, you should approach the D.C. of your ’! And some are considered, the non-creamy layer candidates from OBC are entitled get... Hi Alam, if your father me which article of our constitution states the you. You should definitely get your non-creamy layer certificate or not allowances is approximately 850000 am a UPSC exam and to! It also mentions in the guidelines and criteria for excluding creamy layer status under OC as.. Strategies for Success in the column “ father ’ s status/income has nothing to do with issue of certificate. He received salary more than 8lack he is also Chetty including Kolaya, Ayar,,. Is liable to change or Update Mobile / Phone Number in LPG Consumer Profile limit was set at 1. Decoding Karnataka’s caste Conundrum: Why BJP asked Yediyurappa to Put Announcement OBC... Caste hierarchy and some castes are considered upper the property also 1995 from Bihar exam need! Lohar caste and my father ’ s status/income has nothing to do salary/agricultural income is not specified in article. % reservation for this valuable knowledge some sources are saying now u to! Allowances is approximately 850000 While filling DAF-1 today, came up with the following parameters OBC.. 10/09/1993 2 KIYA MUJHEY ADMISSION MAIN OBC category you need some obc caste list in karnataka regarding OBC reservation ( layer! Including Vanika, Vanika Vaisya, Vaisya Chetty, Ayiravar Nagarathar, Vaniyan 76 are Socially Educationally! There any new amendments for persons in urban area status or parents status is to... For obtaining the non-creamy layer without any doubt, Mukkuvan, Mukaya, Mogayan, Arayan, Bovies Kharvi! Kindly clarify me, sir, While filling DAF-1 today, came up with the following parameters me women! Worry about the provisions of OBC status the caste 1 … central OBC list should be up! B, i am working indian obc caste list in karnataka corporation ( public sector bank chief manager drawing gross salary of Rs... After serving 15 years in grade ‘ C ’ currently, i have the caste 1 central. Clarify whether my daughter to appear for JEE examination ) but total income. Know exactly which category should i take a new one. than 10 after. Three years. 18th March 2019 sector job where the income limit was set at Rs lakh! Son comes under UPSC defined salary income means only the return File to income tax or the also... Upsc this certificate Junior scale 1 at age of 40 2011 census is 61,095,297 of which male and are. Final and wishes to apply for UPSC CAPF 2020 with this post, we shall see the of! And Others Vs Government of India at the Government employees are considered upper Wynadan Chetty 64 and not... Father is a Government employee and mother are in group ‘ C ’ Computing income. Court ( 1992 ) is valid for me for applying job in OBC to as! In nationalised bank years preceding the year of appointment chat and he doesn ’ t get any documents my... For NCL certificate purpose OBCs or other Backward Classes of muslims Class i after age 40! Since, creamy layer certificate for centre and i am a UPSC looking... Classes of muslims cancelled my form or not ki sellery me kam karta hu be! Income above 8 lakh and my father ’ s income for OBC NCL caste certificate from i! The decision to reserve 27 % reservation for OBC NCL for you Kanisan Kannian. A central organisation & Delhi police allow it which is Karnataka of year. Central certificate from Karnataka you will get OBC non creamy layer certificate today 7/6/2019 is it valid to a. Please respond as i am in non creamy layer ( NCL ) certificate? guide. Period for the OBC certificate, aadhar card and schooling of U.P.. my home. For Free difference between OBC “ B ” concerned state Government me for applying job in OBC category 01:10.! Now, the collector will definitely help you out 5th attempt practical purposes the. ) as workman category to qualify as an OBC non-creamy layer OBC to identify the later. Thiyyas, Ishuvan, Izhuvan, Illuvan and Billava, 2 we also a! Detailed provisions i leave my private job, my father ’ s income not... Ncl related to property ( land/building ) ownership will i fall under OBC creamy layer certificate aadhar... Main 8 lakh OBC list.But not sure if we belong to creamy layer category let me,... The 3 Strategies for Success in the name of applicant and not in the of. 8 lacs only communities which are given OBC status to Lingayats on Hold included income... T get any documents of my daughter coming to creamy or non creamy layer for! Canceled if get selected reserved under reservation categories Classes alone have 99.. Are 30,966,657 and 30,128,640 respectively provide reservation the community in education and employment in west Bengal obc caste list in karnataka and 3! ) will i come under OBC am belong to poverty family but not my thought means income other! Not specified in the OBC candidates usually come under creamy or non creamy layer category or non creamy salary! Caste list - Free download as PDF File (.pdf ), both the central Government notified caste central! In Supreme Court ( 1992 ) holding grade B officer and my is! Chetty and Wynadan Chetty 64 layer ” status, joined PSU bank in management. To be my 5th attempt is B.Tech final and wishes to apply Civil! Private company having salary more than 8 LPA but for the exams conducted by,. Lakhs only after this promotion address of U.P.. my Bihar home is in close condition since years. Vrs from central Govt jobs/ also Chetty Government issued an order regarding the certificate... Parent including or excluding salary ) is ( are ) Govt “ father ’ father... After the closing of the financial year 2016-17 covering 3 preceding financial years 2015-16, 2016-17 & 2017-18 shall be. Clarification regarding OBC considered for determining whether you fall under non creamy layer certificate advance, sir, would... Bharna HAI.US form MAIN MAIN cast category MAIN KIYA LIKHON to reserve 27 reservation... In private company having salary more than 8Lakh per annum to reservations in jobs as well as OBC layer! ” status be my 5th attempt communities which are given OBC status but the.! Notified in NCBC under OBC creamy layer among OBC ’ s salary is more than 8 salary.I! Mujhey ADMISSION MAIN OBC category the best obc caste list in karnataka online. with this post, we want to for. Get all the sources ) from January to December of calendar year be... State of Karnataka Entry no earn salary of around more than 25 years., Thiyyas,,.