$159.99. We receive numerous questions from people asking what option parts they should upgrade to first. Hardware is not provided to secure the link to the left knuckle; you will need to use an M3x12 screw. submit review. Suspension. scale hubs (silver) m4 driveshaft screw pin. Shop Axial SCX10 parts and upgrades from Boom Racing. Steel Transmission Outputs (AX30544) The things that break will let you know what to upgrade I have a buddy that has beat the snot out of his SCX10 RTR, under 3S LiPo power 87/18 gearing and 2.2 weighted Swampers. But, it can be tough to sort through information to see what upgrades are necessary. Sub-Categories. HD Ring and Pinion Set (AX30401 Front and/or AX30402 Rear) AX2 2 Speed Transmission for Axial Wraith & SCX10/Honcho. Out of stock. Axial SCX10. Sub-Categories. Remove the rear wheel hardware, wheel and hex hub using a 1.5mm hex driver. m2.6 x 11mm cap head screws. Unscrew the two retaining screws and slide the lock-out tube off and then slide the stock axle out. Performance and durability are the two biggest reasons I upgrade my personal R/C’s, and I know there are a lot of people out there that have the same approach I do. We grabbed a few of their offerings and will show you how easy it is to customize your SCX10. I purchased a TR SCX10 Honch kit recently and want to upgrade the links to aluminium. Carbon Fiber Rear Axle Brace (AX30509) Add To Cart. Home > Other Mfr. Carbon Fiber Chassis Kit (AX30433) Carbon Fiber Battery Plate (AX30774), what im after is a rc kit that i can build myself and that can have diff locks and a working winch with other bolt ons that i can bye and put on at a later time thanks mark spink, I love this list just bought a SCX10 TR dingo, and have been looking for upgradeable aluminum parts. The Axial SCX10 platform comes with a variety of bodies to suit the tastes of trail truck adventurers. Home > Other Mfr. Since the original SCX10 hit the scene, it has managed to gain an impressive track record (not to mention a large, loyal following) among scale R/C enthusiasts. Out of stock. Behind the Axle Steer Kit (BTA) (AX30533) While the reason most people change tires is for a better look, tires have a profound impact on performance. 2.2 Internal Weights (AX30546 x 3) But the ability for drivers to customize and make the machines their own doesn’t stop there. The stock plastic 4 link bars on the SCX10 will do OK for awhile, but once you hit the point of upgrading the wheels and tires I recommend you throw down the jack for an aluminum upgrade. The STRC steering link requires the Axial parts listed to complete its assembly. 12mm Hex Clear Anodized. CVD’s (AX30464) $59.99. Add To Cart. Axial SCX10 II. Lots of aftermarket upgrades available on BoomRacingRC.com. Great information on MIP upgrade for the Axial SCX10 II. Currie Portal Overdrive Gear Set (20/28) $32.99. Add To Cart. Products (Total Items: 222 ) Sort by: More results: 1 2 Next Page View All. $189.99. Benedict Harry Alloy Complete Front Axle and Rear Axle Upgrade Steel Gear for 1:10 Axial SCX10 II 90046/90047 SCX10 90027/90028 RC Jeep Rock Crawler 3.9 out of 5 stars 19 $126.99 $ 126 . HD Ring and Pinion Set (AX30401 Front and/or AX30402 Rear) RC Superstore is proud to offer the best deals on Axial SCX10 parts, upgrades and hop-ups! Legend- Thanks Bender, By the way awsome kit. Wheel Products. The SCX10 III brings more to the table than just an updated model name. Your email address will not be published. LINKS Axial axialracing.com, 949-600-8642 STRC teamstrc.com, Your email address will not be published. Improve your truck's performance and shop today! Rcbros shock tubes would be a good upgrade. The steering link will now connect to the left hub using the long screw and nut provided in the STRC kit. AT A GLANCE WHO MAKES IT: STRC PARTS USED: Aluminum Lock-out and stainless steel driveshaft kit – STA30494BK, $45.99 Precision Aluminum Steering upgrade kit – STA30516GM, $8.50 CNC Machined-Aluminum Steering Knuckles – STA80004GM, $25.99 Rcbros, krazed builds or DLUX delrin shock cups. Hot Racing Axial SCX10 II Ackerman Hi-Steer AR44 Axle Case (Black) 2 Reviews Average Rating:3 . Made by Hot Racing; Hot Racing is … Complete T5 Hi-Lift Gearbox Front Axle for SCX-10, Dingo, Honcho & Jeep. Upgrade Your Axial SCX10 Deadbolt With These Overview Videos If the scaler/crawler scene is something that you’ve wanted to try out, there are many great R/C vehicles that can get you started. $148.99. Compare. $13.50. CVD’s (AX30464) This will create a zero slop rear axle. Compare. Currie Portal Standard Gear Set (18/30) $32.99. Aluminum Knuckles and C-hubs (AX30495 C-hubs, AX30496 Knuckles) 3 thoughts on “ Axial SCX10 II Upgrades ” Milo says: July 10, 2020 at 11:11 pm. $199.99. Page 6 Getting-Started Checklist The following checklist is a guide for getting you vehicle running for the first time. Electronics. Screw the ball ends onto the rods as shown here. Worldwide shipping available to over 130 countries. You spent lot of hard-earned cash on your new RZR. Remove the wheel nut cap and wheel nut with a 7mm nut driver. Aluminum Shock Bodies (AX30120 x 2) Steel Pinion Gears (13t – AX30571, 14T – AX30569, 15T – AX30573) So far the only modification that truck has required has been a hardened steel … 2.2 Internal Weight Ring (AX30545) Don't miss new videos Connectez-vous pour voir les mises à jour de vos canaux préférés Connexion Improve your RC experience with SCX10 upgrades – shop American-made Axial SCX10 bodies, tires, foam and performance parts. Buy Now SCX10 Front Bumper. Compare. Tires & Wheels. Worldwide shipping available to over 130 countries. With the new knuckles, the stock hardware on for the steering won’t work with it. Hobbypark Steel Centre Drive Shaft CVD 90-125mm for 1/10 RC Crawler Traxxas TRX-4 Axial SCX10 Upgrade Parts Hop-Ups Replacement (2pcs) 4.6 out of 5 stars 6 $19.98 $ 19 . Great time to upgrade to STRC’s steering link kit. Axial R/C Parts. I have been asked over and over again lately by a lot of the viewers as to which SCX10 they should get? You’ll notice the stock steering removed. My life has been made easier. Slide the stock hub carrier off, noting the angle the block is on relating to the king-pin screws. axial scx10 iii upgrades. SWX Chassis Kit (AX30506) Add to Cart . 1.9 Internal Weight Ring (AX30547) In Stock | C29383. Back Order. 12mm Hex Black Anodized. Remove the knuckle king-pin hardware using a 2mm hex driver and a Phillips driver for the steering link. Carbon Fiber Electronics Plate (AX30772) Screw the STRC setscrews into the axial ball cups and snap the pivot ball into the cups. Uncategorized >. Compare. Compare. Aluminum Knuckles and C-hubs (AX30495 C-hubs, AX30496 Knuckles) Time to hit the trails! The assembled steering knuckle and hub assembly. Add To Cart. Shop Axial SCX10 parts and upgrades from Boom Racing. Add to Cart . Steel Pinion Gears (13t – AX30571, 14T – AX30569, 15T – AX30573) STRC is known for making easy to bolt on hop-ups for a wide range of popular machines and they’ve turned their attention to making SCX10 parts. Steel Pinion Gears (13t – AX30571, 14T – AX30569, 15T – AX30573), XR10 Upgrades: All the factory, optional, OEM and aftermaket replacement parts you need to fix, repair, and maintain your Axial SCX10 II RC trail truck are available at AMain. Transfer the bearing over to the new axle and slide it in the axle housing. still wish they had the vets ride along out here in utah though the first thing i am going to get to upgrade my hancho is the aluminum links. STRC does not supply the hardware with the knuckle. HD Machined Gear Set (AX30767 – AX30771) Remove the hub carrier using a 2mm hex driver on the hardware. Find the proper STRC hub and slide it in place on the axle. Incision Driveshafts for SCX10-2 RTR & SCX10. The small aluminum spacer in the kit is to space the two pivot links apart. Applying threadlock here is recommended. D44 Axles. Required fields are marked *, New performance with classic looks - Project RC4WD…, The Tamiya Tools you didn’t know you needed, Tool Time with Tamiya - A Dozen Tools To Make Your…, Axial Racing SCX10 II Deadbolt AX90066 Review. Add to Cart. Electronics Like the chassis and suspension, the stock RTR electronics are perfect in the SCX10 II and I didn’t feel like they needed an upgrade right off the bat. We receive numerous questions from people asking what option parts they should upgrade to first. Aluminum Steering Links – $20. Worldwide shipping available to over 130 countries. $13.50. Lots of aftermarket upgrades available on BoomRacingRC.com. Titanium Gear Shafts (AX30765 and AX30766) 99 rock shield winch bumper for trx-4 / scx10 ii. Many modify their trucks with modeling and building skills and for some, bolt on hop-ups are the best. So, I decided to come up with an upgrade list for each of our vehicles in order from most important to least important from my vantage point. Click read more to check it out. Wheel Weights (AX30546 x 3) For “Stage 1” I’m going to limit the upgrade budget to just $20 because you most likely just dropped 300-400 dollars on that shiny new SCX10 and may not have much dough left over. Yes, yes, I know, they don’t look the greatest, but they work great so I didn’t really see a need to upgrade them … yet. Compare. The steering linkage is set in place and secured to the knuckles. 98 Aluminum Link Upgrade Kit and Hardware (AXA1407 Kit, AXA1411 Hardware) rock shield narrow winch bumper for trx-4 / scx10 ii (black) pro44 metal rear axle tubes for scx10 ii. Upgrades for the SCX10, XR10 and RTC By Axial Staff on Jan 20, 2011. In my opinion this is the biggest bang for the buck upgrade you can make right off the bat. Featured Products. Axles. 2000 Jeep Cherokee 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD. Aluminum Shock Set (AX30090 x 2) axial scx10 iii upgrades. Compare. 507-332-2000 Free … SCX10 II motorized toy car pdf manual download. Trailers.