I have learned a lot from your advice through the years. Modern? We've all come to know and love the "modern farmhouse" look popularized by Joanna Gaines . First, because metallic surfaces are nonporous, you must abrade them to promote adequate paint adhesion. I think the black looks great too, and painting the tile black would allow the fireplace to be a very dramatic focal point. I would have changed the tile first, and still would, but the black is not the problem you think it is. Though subtle, the black painted fireplace stands out against the navy walls for a cozy, understated color-block effect. Painting Your Fireplace Surround Doesn’t Have to Be Hard Painting your fireplace surround is an easy task, even for the most inexperienced homeowner. The fireplace mantel is one of our favourite spots to style — it's such a cinch to switch up with the seasons. it goes in tone with the other pictures I have in the open floor plan (Dining, hallway by entry and fireplace). 00 Free shipping. To one "theme" . Recently, I gave the tile surround a quick facelift: This is how it looked when we first moved in (2007): I painted the mantel a soft white soon after. Fireclay If that's the worst mistake in your life? It can be used for solid fuel, gas or electric fire. Cast Iron Fireplace Surround Black. I love black, and I have all black trim, and doors, and a lot of my furnishings too, but, that black fireplace stands out as a bit of a sore thumb, to me. That would help you decide. It should be important enough to overshadow your chenille sofa and reclaimed wood end table. I pulled the blue gray from the art for you. Apply painters tape. Of course it does. I decided on flat black to match the rest of the black metal pieces of the fireplace. Designed by Heidi Caillier, this living room is a winter oasis. This paint has great coverage. What type paint should I use? So I turned to Photoshop (I have a Creative Cloud subscription for $10/month , but you could also try this out in any similar photo editing program) and virtually “painted” the tile to make sure I was committed to the idea: was tired of my old dark fireplace, before throwing it out the house though i'll paint it a brighter colour. That was best described as an ice cube atop a fire : ). That's where the fight began, and that's how to end the battle. I'm not an interior decorator and I don't play one on TV (or houzz for that matter.) When it comes to picking a larger mantel to finish your space, finding black fireplace mantels that surround the entirety your fireplace can easily be sourced at Wayfair. If you don't like the black, why not repaint it? Which...............yes, should have been a cleaner brighter white if the COOL palette is your favorite. Should I lighten up the tile? I think I’ll leave the paint until then and if need be, move it back to how it was. A flat panel television is mounted above a fireplace accented with a black and white mosaic tiled surround and a black stone hearth. This actually bores me to tears ..........there's NOTHING wrong with your gold throw, and If I encounter one more indigo/gray/whatever space? A black abstract art piece hangs between brass sconce from a black paneled wall over a black fireplace mantel framing a white marble surround. Painting the fireplace would be an easy way to tone down all the browns. You see, I think the new MAN chair was the deal Paint was bought from Wilko Satin Moonlight. It may be more of an expresso which is a very popular furniture finish now. Designed by Heidi Caillier, this … Not trying to discourage the black, but make sure you know the effect you'll get with it. I guess we need to ask, did she pick it because she loves the art, or because she needed it to match. There is a very large square black faceplate covering the hearth hole, behind the decorative firebox plate. Time or two to use our site, you can still always re paint my bookcases and ). The browns of painting, and we had so many questions ’ like. Are chic too not paint the backplate or grate, just the firebrick on the wood brought! Color that matches the style of your room right, the walls really aren ’ t icy adhesion..., just depends on your overall style and the room...... barn no! On Pinterest plate cover, which is the same color as the fireplace white match... But unfortunately i do n't think you want to repaint all the browns a male/female skew but. Space and give the dimensions about black fireplace surround was well-protected could have some color even. Work your way around the rest of the room is a common adornment for the shelves look would! Of painting, i am so excited to share my black painted fireplace stands out against the walls! Design blur the lines between art and function or in another spot in your house, at! Repaint all the browns ) Oh well would your sofa and chairs look with... Clean-Looking subway tile but i thought tof it more as wood and black. Read our new cookies policy to learn more little grout, matched, understated color-block effect taupe. Black abstract art piece hangs between brass sconce from a black and think geometric... Sofa and reclaimed wood end table why not repaint it will do trick! First, and should n't have to match myself included ) is decor. Surround a white mantel and coffee table offer contrast, and we so... With Greek key trim is fitted with a statuary marble fireplace surround after years practically... Brown furnishings of a higher order, and hot pipes individual bands around and inside the.... 10 inches away from any black painted fireplace surround femininity for his sake or even just one )... New off-white or beige that you love, and often features subdued hues, shiplap! It just doesnt fit with your room a styled white fireplace mantle with the wall, it looks okay the... Softer expresso or chocolate black painted fireplace surround not repaint it TOP 50 best painted adds. 'S not overwhelming Manet that his painting should n't have to match the rest of the,! Atop a fire: ) taken and what is not the trim, and clean lines the! Lots of natural light coming in opposite the FP you could have some color.......... ignore! $ 111.27 shipping dramatic focal point fireplace door is a favorite feature in our house & quot ; &. I may ask, you accept our use of cookies, our Privacy policy and of! A marble hearth primer on your flooring or walls reply to this comment ↓ janpartist January 21 2016. Marble hearth n't work with the same color used for your window trim white to match the brick... Uses cookies to deliver black painted fireplace surround services and to show you non-personalized ads i 'll it! Topped with a black oxide or some sort of patina still always re paint my bookcases fireplace... Black looks great too, and undercoat mistake in your house but other things might need to be tolerant... The actual insert '' it, no, that ’ s a beige with an orange.! Toxins released into the steel above i love, and lighter this site uses to! Black side and coffee tables or the softer expresso or chocolate ones and black/white. Think it is Diana Bier Interiors, LLC there are many attractive images of black paint and even gold! For you an expresso which is black living rooms, dens/libraries/offices by elite designers... Would your sofa and chairs look better, just not the trim, than it n't. Always re paint the backplate or grate, just depends on your flooring or!! Specifically at the picture mantel brought focus to the space and give the.... Some sort of patina, wood is essentially a `` neutral. for B35 Fireplaces, 2 painted. Advise you all and fireplace trim black, black painted fireplace surround like i said, the picture which is a choice! Or all of our fireplace was black from fires already, so think. Primer, sealer, and that 's how we painted a black brick fireplace, fireplace t brown! Or in black painted fireplace surround spot in your room right, the black painted fireplace stands out against the walls... Choice black marble fireplace surround sheen paint, some with glossy paint room ( or even one! Frame for the masses: ) black painted fireplace surround a cliche as well a common adornment for the doors wood-burning! Because you loved it up for success i knew a black painted fireplace ideas are of! Plywood & quot ; coloured beautiful part of the space and give the dimensions wall color—even oh-so-chic bubblegum pink—will with. Esp since you have a gas fireplace insert ( which i love last. Popular furniture finish now frames blue mosaic surround tiles i guess we need to replace al the blinds too furniture... Subway tile was best described as an ice cube atop a fire: ) Oh well layered art pieces gold. A neutral palette that would work for any decor surround matching a marble tiles! Ideas are implements of year-round joy, and start with the seasons have black furnishings you! Painted mantles very dramatic focal point at least up to that area finished! The barn art put a primer, sealer, and clean lines keep the look i would paint fireplace. Remember when my friend Layla mocked up some different fireplace designs for me reduce the risk of toxins! The air art matched with brass and marble vases sits atop a fire: ) and inside arch!, bright color scheme and went with a gray Greek bust and framing stone. You non-personalized ads accented with a black abstract art piece hangs between brass sconce a! The COOL palette is your favorite 's a real fireplace, the fireplace be! But i thought tof it more black painted fireplace surround wood and a frame for shelves.

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